Newsletter #2

THIS MONTH’S HIGHLIGHTS The duo Lugu Test Area contribute to the spectacular decor that has helped make the SXM Festival such a success since the outset. These two artists, Luís Guerreiro from Portugal and Virginie Planques from France, are reputed for their festival creations (Universo Paralello in Brazil, Boom in Portugal, Fusion in Germany, Symbiosis in California, to name a few). To create, they use their expertise in upcycling - the art of creating something new from used materials. For the Carribean's best electronic festival, they gather and upcycle wood, flowers and other natural materials for their decorations. You can still discover their work this year despite the cancellation of the festival. Head for the gardens of the Hommage & Résidences hotel (former Mercure) at Nettlé Bay, which hosted the working artists for five months last year. Check out works by festival decorators The SXM Festival usually takes place in March. This event attracts music fans to Saint Martin from around the world to dance to beats mixed by top DJs. Due to the pandemic, the SXM Festival will not take place this year. But electro entertainment will take pride of place across the island every weekend, by day and by night. The monthly ResisDance party changes venue for each date. Maskerade , hosted by SXM By Night, is held several times a year. Every month, the Maartian Rebels organize a Full Moon party on the beach at Mullet Bay. Joy SXM also organizes regular electro events, and many bars and restaurants invite DJs to mix weekly or occasionally. Breakfast with music every Saturday morning at the Rainbow (Grand Case) | Creole brunch and music every Sunday morning at the 978 Sanctorum (Rambaud) | Bamako party with a DJ every Thursday evening at L’Instant (Grand Case) | Drinks, tapas and music every Thursday evening at the Waï (Baie Orientale) | Stylish March lunches with music every Sunday in March at the Astrolabe (Baie Orientale) | Musical Sundays at Captain Frenchy’s (Grand Case) Events calendar March - electro month