Newsletter #9

n 0 9 2021 gastronomy from the island and beyond SAINTMARTIN TOURIST OFFICE NEWSLETTER Welcome to the Friendly Island Or, as we could also say, welcome to the gourmet island. Because gastronomy reigns here, with great food to be found on every street corner. St. Martin is teeming with restaurants that blend local flavors and world cuisine. In this newsletter, we’re taking you to one of the best restaurants on St. Martin. Here, some of the home chefs share their talents through private cooking classes.We’ll also tell you all about guavaberry rum, the local specialty. Need to escape from it all? Make the most of our boat excursions and visit the island’s most beautiful beaches. At nightfall, how could you not be tempted to pop into one of the casinos on the island? Most importantly, save the dates and book your tables for the first edition of the St. Martin Culinary Festival . It will take place fromNovember 13 to 30. You'll also find practical advice and great little stories that reveal even more about the Friendly Island. Saint Martin