St. Martin / St. Maarten Activities

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St. Martin, island of turquoise waters...
It’s hardly surprising that water-based tourism is number-one on St. Martin when there is so much water to enjoy. St. Martin has something for everyone. Whether you’re here for the swimming, sunbathing, sports or simply to relax, there’s room for everyone to find their own little corner of paradise. The waters off the beaches of St. Martin are clear and warm and perfect for exploring the local marine life with a snorkel and mask. Watersports are by no means the only activities available on the island, but they are by far the most numerous. The weather, water and air temperature (averaging between 77° and 84°) and dependable trade winds provide ideal conditions for all types of watersports all year round.

St. Martin, on dry land...
St. Martin has shifted its focus to another type of tourism, that of well-being, sports and culture. Spearheading a number of promotional campaigns, Saint-Martin’s “natural riches” have become a mainstay of its tourist guides. Walks and horse rides, bicycle touring and quad bike trails are yet another way to discover this paradise island and return home with lasting memories of landscapes, historic sites, traditional buildings, history and encounters with locals.