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Baie Longue

Guests at La Samanna love the peace and quiet of the long stretch of sandy beach located at the foot of the 5-star hotel. Of course, this gem in St. Martin just had to choose such a heavenly beach to delight its guests looking for a tropical paradise.

In Terres Basses to the west of the island, Long Bay Beach is the first beach you’ll see on the French side of the island as you travel northwards from the border, with the Dutch part of the island in the south. It stretches from the 5-star La Samanna hotel on the left to Pointe du Canonnier on the right. As its name suggests, it’s one of the largest sandy beaches in St. Martin. This ensures that the hotel's guests have the privacy they require as they relax. Its calm waters, lulled by the whisper of the surf, and its crystal-clear turquoise hues make Long Bay one of the most splendid beaches of St. Martin and a must see during your stay. Overlooking the sea, La Samanna’s restaurant offers a dazzling view of the sunset as the sun plunges into the bay, providing magical moments and a true bubble of romance.

  • Coastal Conservatory Domain
  • Baie Longue
    Terres Basses
    97150, SAINT-MARTIN
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