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Nautical activity, Excursion
Navigating the clear waters around our islands, carried by the warm air of the trade winds, will be one of the highlights during your stay in the Caribbean. Enjoy a dream day, an unforgettable experience, on board a Captain Sup catamaran, exploring the islands of St. Martin, St Barts, and Anguilla.

It’s a chance to enjoy the warm sun, turquoise seas, and heavenly landscapes! Captain Sup and his fully equipped catamaran will transport you to paradise where you can experience the delights of boating on one of the West Indies’ most beautiful stretches of water. Whether you want to explore St. Martin from the sea, walk along Anguilla’s beautiful sandy beaches, or succumb to the spell of the charming St Barts, Captain Sup will ensure you have an exceptional escapade, with excursions tailor-made to match your requirements.

Swimming amongst colorful fish around the Créole Rock, admiring the turtles splashing around off Tintamare, savoring the magic of Pinel Island, getting lost on some of Anguilla’s pristine islands, admiring the charm and traditional sights of Gustavia, and more are just some of the discoveries that await you on board the Lagoon 450, a vessel capable of accommodating up to 18 people. Everything has been carefully thought out to make your day a unique experience. You will have unrestricted access to snorkeling equipment, paddle boards, floating mats and can quench your thirst at any time at the open bar. The most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean are yours for the taking!

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