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Geneve Bay

A treasure shaped by nature is tucked away in this wild and unspoiled site. You might even see a few goats. The sea has sculpted natural pools with water so clear that they’re just crying out for a dip after a hike along the coast. Not suitable for young children.

Starting from the south of Guana Bay, the coastal path winds its way through the coastal heath to Geneve Bay, a wild and rocky beach. The most interesting part of the site is Geneve Bay’s natural pools, which can be reached after an hour’s walk from Guana Bay. Since Hurricane Irma in 2017, however, the trail has been damaged by the onslaught of the sea and this short hike requires extreme caution. After passing a few goats and iguanas, and admiring the breathtaking view of the island of St. Barts, you’ll find the magnificent rock pools with translucent sea water. You can take a swim and then dry off in the sun on a rock. You might come across other nature lovers in this quiet and idyllic setting, far from the rest of world. We recommend arriving early.

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