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Grandes Cayes

Grandes Cayes is adorned with sea grape plants and becomes wilder as you approach the last houses in Cul-de-Sac. If you want to swim, plan to do so on a day without sea swells. Thanks to its crystal-clear waters, you’ll have a superb view of the seabed.

A little further east, below Petites Cayes, Grandes Cayes beach is a beautiful haven nestled within the Nature Reserve. You can easily park your car there if you want to take a moment to admire Tintamarre Island just in front of it, or if you want to start hiking on Froussards trail, which goes all the way to Anse Marcel. Grandes Cayes is a wide stretch of sand with no bars, restaurants, or other facilities. Apart from public holidays when St. Martin families gather for traditional barbecues, it’s not very common to see lots of people on the beach. From time to time, you may see some paragliders who like to land on this beach after taking off from the top of the hills. The crystal-clear waters in Grandes Cayes make it a pretty diving spot where you can explore the coral reef. Who knows, you might even see a sea turtle!

  • National or Voluntary Nature Reserve
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