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Great Bay

The town of Philipsburg, a shopping mecca in the Caribbean, is bordered by a long stretch of sand. Stores, bars and restaurants are lined up alongside it, so why not relax by the turquoise waters as you take in the lively atmosphere of the Dutch capital. It is also very popular with the many cruise passengers who stop over.

Great Bay beach to the south of the island is a long coastline that stretches nearly 2 miles along Philipsburg. This is the ultimate urban beach, stretching along the Boardwalk promenade. This extension of Philipsburg is lively area, with restaurants, bars, hotels, boutiques, and casinos. Great Bay is a perfect for parents with strollers or for riding scooters and skateboards. From here, you can also watch the huge cruise ships stopping off in the deep waters of Pointe Blanche. Great Bay’s calm and turquoise sea makes for a beautiful landscape that is perfect for relaxing on a beach chair with a cold drink after shopping on Front Street. Cruise-goers love spending the day in Sint Maarten’s capital before continuing their trip.

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