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Happy Bay

With shady coconut palm trees, an azure lagoon, velvety sand, rocks, and shells, Happy Bay is a wonderful hidden gem that can only be reached after crossing the craggy coast, but it’s worth it for the picture-perfect Caribbean landscape.

Happy Bay is devoid of any kind of land planning, and is a little bit difficult to get to, making it a fantastic challenge for nature lovers looking for a bit of peace. Visiting this stretch of sandy beach, just above the more touristy beach of Friar’s Bay, needs to be earned with a short 10-minute hike from Friar’s Bay. Walk along the steep coast and admire the panoramic view (be sure to check out the iguanas!). Get there early in the morning to grab the best spot for your towel under the shade of the palm trees. Happy Bay hosts SXM Festival, the largest electronic music festival in the Caribbean. It takes place every year in March at different spots on St. Martin. Happy Bay Beach is also the place to celebrate the traditional Hindu “Holi” festival in the month of April.

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