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Maho Beach

It’s what you’ll see on postcards and in millions of videos! The most famous beach on the island of St. Martin has been seen by millions, since this is where planes landing at Princess Juliana Airport’s runway blow watchers away, barely grazing the sea as they land.

It’s a must see during your stay! Maho Beach, which is world-famous for its location at the very end of Princess Juliana International Airport's runway, is one of the most unusual beaches on the island of St. Martin. It’s a delight for tourists who love watching planes take off and land just above their heads. On Maho Beach, you can unroll your beach towel and take a dip in the sparkling turquoise waters, but the main attraction is the thrill you feel waiting for the next jet to fly over your head as the sand flurries around you. It’s important to follow the safety instructions and be responsible in order to be able to enjoy this experience without putting yourself in danger. Maho Beach is also in the heart of a very lively area where restaurants, beach bars, casinos, and party spots attract crowds at night.

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