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Petite Baie

A small haven of peace which is ideal for those who are looking to escape the crowds. This lovely beach has an extraordinary view of St. Martin, all while being an intimate space for relaxing. There's an intriguing natural site at the end of Petite Baie.

Petite Baie, at the tip between Red Bay and Nettlé Bay, can be found north of Terres Basses. When the weather is calm, it has an unobstructed view of Marigot Bay, since it is wild and devoid of any kind of development. It’s never very crowded and is the perfect spot for nature lovers looking for something a little wilder. It’s located in the crosswinds, so is a great place to try out board sports. To its left, between Red Bay and Pointe du Bluff, you can visit David’s Hole, AKA Devil’s Hole, which is an extraordinary natural cavity that’s 79 feet deep and is a wonder to behold. This geological marvel, which looks like a natural swimming pool dug into the sea, can be reached after a short walk between Red Bay and Pointe du Bluff, by taking the path located at the intersection of Terres Basses road and Red Bay.

  • Coastal Conservatory Domain
  • Petite Baie
    Terres Basses
    Petite Baie
    97150, SAINT-MARTIN
  • Petite-baie

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