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Petite Plage

Petite Plage means small beach in French, and, as you can guess, it’s pretty tiny! Splash about in its calm, lake-like water. Why not put get your flippers on to try free-diving to the pretty seabed?

Opposite Creole Rock, Petite Plage is at the northern end of Grand Case. Starting off from the airport road, take the street on the right (you can park your car on the side of the road) and the beach is at the end of the road, down the stairs and to the left. Petite Plage is flanked by a hotel and restaurant that offers an exceptional view of the bay, as well as by beautiful villas built on the edge of the beach. Apart from the hotel’s few beach chairs, this narrow stretch of sand is unspoiled by any other kind of development, so get cozy! It’s never very crowded, but is popular with locals on the weekend. Petite Plage is a little haven of peace with shimmering water and a sandy white beach. Try snorkeling your way over to the rock to check out the schools of colorful fish.

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