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Plage des Amoureux

This miniature and hard-to-find beach requires some effort to get to, which makes it all the more captivating. Nestled behind a steep coastline, this small haven of fine sand only has space for a couple people, guaranteeing that you’ll quickly forget the rest of the world in your little bubble of privacy.

The coast between Marigot and Friar’s Bay seems to stretch out to sea. Lover’s Beach is a tiny sandy enclave nestled between two of Pointe Arago’s rocky spurs. St. Martin’s tiniest beach can only accommodate up to 2 people at once, making it the perfect spot for a lover’s getaway. It can be difficult to find, so get your hiking boots on and make the trip to Chemin des Douaniers. Few people have found this hidden gem. Follow the Galisbay Port road up to its highest point, then take Rue Anse des Sables towards the sea. The rock enclave is just ahead of you.

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