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Its name comes from the Spanish “tinta mar” meaning color of the sea. With its ocher-colored cliffs, turquoise lagoon, and golden sand, this two-beach island is a wild paradise. Since it’s within the Nature Reserve, it’s forbidden to take cuttings.

Located 2 miles to the northeast of St. Martin, Tintamarre Island is a magnificent natural haven of peace. It can be reached by boat, so treat yourself to a day of bliss between land and sea. You might even see humpback whales or large dolphins during your trip. These 250 acres of conserved nature are within the Nature Reserve, so we ask visitors to be careful to protect the fragile ecosystem. There is anchorage to the southwest of Tintamarre, in front of the lovely Baie Blanche. You can reach it by swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, or in a dinghy. When you reach land, it's a great place to pretend you're Robinson Crusoe under the shade of the trees. Tintamarre is great for snorkeling lovers who might even come across a sea turtle in the crystal-clear water. It’s also a very popular site for scuba diving because of its submerged wreck 50 ft underwater. If you leave the beach for a walk inland, you’ll see the remains of an airfield, a railroad, and a cotton plantation. There are a number of small paths that cross the island to a second wild and rocky beach which is nursery for many species of fish.

  • National or Voluntary Nature Reserve
  • Tortue-verte-tintamarre

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