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11 Mar 2024
18 Mar 2024


A must-attend event for electronic music enthusiasts!

SXM Festival is a must-see for electro music lovers!
The island's fine sandy beaches and its cultural mix make it an extremely attractive place, explaining the festival's reputation as a must-see for electro fans!
The event chooses an avant-garde techno and underground house program in a magical setting, where each artist will perform for three hours. Taking advantage of a specially created ecological design, the festival takes place on the beach, on boats as well as villas and clubs for a truly unique experience.
Those who dream of a week of underground techno and house on a beach will find everything they need!

  • 03-09-22_HappyBay_@SXMFestival_by@offbrandproject.eth-136
  • SXM Festival Day 1
  • Photography by: Matt Eachus
  • 13_03_87_Loterie Farm_Jungle_Alec Donnell Luna@cptvibes  (73)

Other useful information

  • Of 11 March 2024 to 18 March 2024