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Soualigan Slangs : discover the slang of St. Martin


Working for the safeguard of the culture of St. Martin

Joy Carty, Guillaume Gumbs, and Jackie Warner are young locals of St. Martin who are working hard today to protect St. Martin’s culture.

A methodical approach to documentation

All three of them strive to showcase the subtle aspects of St. Martin’s culture.

“Today, there are very few artworks that highlight our culture and document our traditions. The island’s oral tradition has been dying out slowly for several reasons. We believe that we need a methodical, or even educational approach to firstly define the various elements of our culture, and then document them,” explain the three young locals of St. Martin.

To be able to really get this cultural heritage out there on a broader scale, they began selling items featuring the island’s famous “slangs,” creating local board games, and organizing innovative events in the local area. They’re all over social media, too.

The expressions

The top priority for “Soualigan Slangs” is to showcase as many facets as possible. “Our list of everyday expressions and words never stops growing. We regularly add to this list when we meet other people who are also passionate about the culture here or when we speak to older generations of the island’s locals.

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