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The Tourist Office of St. Martin is invested in protecting your personal rights, particularly in regards to automatized processes. In the interest of transparency, the Tourist Office has put a policy in place that includes all of its processes, including their objectives and the means necessary for individuals to exercise their rights. Navigating this site requires you to fully accept the terms and conditions that follow. You accept the use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

The current online version of these terms and conditions is the only valid and enforceable one for using the site, until it is replaced with a new version of these terms.

Article 1 – Legal Notices

The Website  

The Publisher
St. Martin Tourist Office, au capital de X
Headquarters: 10, rue du Général de Gaulle - 97150 Marigot, Saint-Martin
Represented by Valérie Damaseau, President

Trade and Companies Register (RCS) n°  de X
+59 590 87 5721
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Website Redesign
Headquarters: 30 Rue Victor Hugo – 33260 La Teste de Buch, France
Represented by Benjamin Cousin, Manager

+33 664 88 36 29 
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Website Maintenance
Headquarters: Chemin du Buloz - 74410 Saint-Jorioz, France
Represented by Sandra Decoux, CEO
+33 651 380 436
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Web Hosting
Infomaniak Network SA
Headquarters: Avenue de la Praille, 26 – 1227 Carouge, Switzerland
Trade and Companies Register (RCS) n° CHE-103.167.648

Article 2 – Website Access

Access to the website is strictly intended for personal use only. You must not use the site’s information or data for commercial or political purposes, or for unsolicited emailing.

Article 3 – Website Content

All branding, photographs, editorial content, comments, illustrations, animated and non-animated images, videos, sounds, as well as applications and design features of the site, and more generally the elements reproduced or used on the site are protected by current intellectual property law.

The content fully belongs to the publisher and its partners. Any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation of the site, in full or in part, in any form, or of the site elements, in full or in part, including its applications, is strictly prohibited without the publisher’s prior written permission. The fact that the publisher does not take immediate action against unauthorized use does not constitute acceptance of said use, nor does it mean that legal action will not be taken.

Any representation, whether in part or in full, of the website or of its elements used by anyone without the publisher’s express permission is prohibited and would constitute an infringement according to clauses L.335-2 and subsequent of intellectual property law. The same applies in regards to data bases on the website, which are protected by the provisions of the July 1, 1998 law, implemented under intellectual property law under the March 11, 1996 directive relating to the lawful protection of data bases.
Any litigation relating to the use of this website is subject to French law.

To request usage or reproduction of all or part of the elements on the site, please contact the publisher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The publisher does not guarantee that the information on the website is exact, complete, or up-to-date. Information and press releases published on this site are not contractual. Content made available on this site is provided for informational purposes only, and information on the site may contain technical inaccuracies and/or typographical errors. The product photographs along with their descriptions are not contractual and do not engage the publisher by any means.
Photography copyright on this site (excluding hotels): idimweb.com, Laurent Benoit, Claude Cavallera, Jean-Marc Riva.

Article 4 – Website Management

To properly maintain the site, the publisher may, at any time:

  • Suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the site, reserve access to the site, or certain parts of the site, to a selection of web users;
  • Delete all information that could disrupt the functioning of the site or could go against national and international law;
  • Suspend the site to make updates.

Article 5 –Responsibilities

The publisher is not responsible for error, failure, complications, or interruptions, which might block access to the site or one of its features.

The equipment you use to connect to the site is entirely your responsibility. You must take the proper measures to protect your equipment and your own data, particularly against internet viruses. You are the sole person responsible for the websites and data that you consult.

The publisher cannot be held responsible in litigations:

  • for your use of the site or any service accessible via the internet;
  • for you not respecting these general terms and conditions.

The publisher is not responsible for damages caused by you, third parties and/or for damages to your devices due to your connection or your use of the site. You forfeit all action against the publisher for anything of this nature.

If the publisher is part of a friendly settlement or litigation in relation to your use of the site, the publisher can in turn seek compensation for all damages, sums, convictions, and costs that could come of that proceeding.

Article 6 - Hyperlinks

Users may install hyperlinks directed to all or parts of this website. These links must be removed upon the publisher’s simple request. The publisher is not responsible for any information accessed via a link to external sites and declines all responsibility for their content.

Article 7 - Data Collection

Your data is collected by the St. Martin Tourist Office.

Personal data relates to any physical person that can be identified or is identifiable (the person concerned); a person is considered identifiable, directly or indirectly, in particular reference to a name, email address, address, identification number or one or several specific elements belonging to his or her physical, physiological, genetic, psychic, economic, cultural, or social identity.

Personal information collected on the site is used by the publisher mainly for maintaining correspondence with you or for managing your orders and requests.

The personal data collected and stored, with your consent, includes the following:

  • Newsletters: email address, IP address, date and time of subscription, date and time of subscription confirmation (double opt-in). This personal data is collected and stored on a host server in Switzerland and backed up in a data base in order to be able to send you news and information by email. The data is saved for the lifetime of the site.
  • Contact Form: name, email address, subject and message are sent directly by email to the publisher in order to respond to your requests and are saved for unlimited time. This personal data is not stored on the website host server.

Data Protection and Privacy

The publisher makes every effort to take the necessary measures to ensure the protection and privacy of personal data received by all internet users or clients and this, in respect to the applicable laws.

Article 8 – Automatic Data Collection


The site uses cookies.

Our cookie policy explains what cookies are, how we use them, how third parties with whom we partner may use cookies on the site and what your choices are regarding cookies. We invite you to read this cookie policy in conjunction with our privacy policy, which provides further details on how we store and process your personal data and your various rights.

A "Cookie" or tracer is an electronic file deposited on a terminal (computers, tablets, smartphones) and read when browsing a website, reading an e-mail, installing or using software or a mobile application, whatever the type of terminal used.
By browsing this site, cookies from the company responsible for the site concerned and/or third parties may be placed on your terminal.

Cookies allow the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login information, local language and/or other display preferences) over a period of time so that you do not have to re-enter them each time you return to the site or move from page to page. In addition, it allows the Site or a third party to recognize you, while making your next visit easier and more useful to you. We may sometimes use tracking pixels, which are small graphic files that are linked to our servers and allow us to track your use of our Site and related features. In order to serve you better and more efficiently, and to personalize your experience on our Site, we may use tracking pixels, which are small graphic files linked to our servers that allow us to track your use of our Site and related functionality.

Categories of cookies used on this site

The first time you browse this site, a banner explaining the use of cookies will appear which informs you about the use of cookies on our websites and you can accept, refuse or modify your preferences regarding the use of cookies.

The site uses both session cookies and permanent cookies on its site and uses different types of cookies to operate the site.

Essential Cookies

Cookies that are strictly necessary are indispensable for the operation of the site to enable you to move around the site and use its functionalities, such as access to secure areas, user authentication and prevention of fraudulent use of user accounts. Without these cookies, the site may not be fully functional.

Session Cookie

All requests to the site initiate a session that stores the IP address in the session data and creates a session cookie in the user's browser. The IP address is used as a security measure to protect against potential session hijacking attacks. This information is deleted once the session expires and the data is purged. The name of the session cookie is based on a randomly generated hash code and therefore does not have a constant identifier. The session cookie is destroyed once the session has expired or when the user exits the browser.

Non-essential Cookies: Performance Cookies

Performance cookies help us to improve the functioning of our site.

Google Analytics

This website uses the Analytics services of Google LLC. Google Analytics uses "cookies", which are stored on your computer and enable the collection of information on how visitors use the website (e.g. which pages visitors visit most often, and whether they receive error messages from any web pages). The collected data (including your truncated IP address) is transmitted to and stored on a server controlled by Google, located in the USA.

Anonymisation of the IP address on this website is activated, however, your IP address will be compressed beforehand by Google in the Member States of the European Union or in other Member States of the European Economic Area Treaty. Only in exceptional cases will the complete IP address be transferred to a Google server in the USA and compressed. Google will not link the IP address transmitted by your browser within the scope of Google Analytics to other Google data.
Google will store user and event data for 14 months (_utma).

You can deactivate the installation and use of Cookies by simply setting up your web browser. However, you will not be able to access all the functions of the site in an optimal way.
If you wish to prevent the storage of personal data (including your IP address) and their use by Google, you can install the plugin: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout
For more information, please see the terms of use https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html   and the privacy policy https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en  of Google Analytics.

Google reCAPTCHA

The site uses Google LLC's reCAPTCHA service to protect submissions and prevent spam on the site. It checks if you are a person to prevent certain features of the website from being abused by spam bots.
By filling out the contact forms using this plugin, you consent to sending your IP address and possibly other data required by Google for the reCAPTCHA service. Your data will be communicated to Google and used by their services. However, your IP address will first be truncated by Google in EU Member States - or in other states that are part of the European Economic Area agreement. In exceptional cases, your full IP address will be transmitted to a Google server in the United States and then subsequently truncated. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of this service.
The IP address provided to reCAPTCHA through your browser will not be merged with any other Google data.
This data collection is subject to Google's Privacy Policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en 


This site uses YouTube to share videos, which installs cookies on your browser to register:

  • A unique identifier on mobile devices to allow location tracking GPS, and a unique identifier to store statistics on the YouTube videos that the user has watched, which expires after your session.
  • A unique identifier used by Google to store statistics about the way the visitor uses YouTube videos on different websites, which expires after 8 months.
  • A cookie that aims to estimate aggregated data on pages that have integrated YouTube, which expires after 179 days.

The cookies on this website are disabled.
This decision can be reversed anytime by clicking the below button "Allow Cookies".

Your Choices

We do not require you to accept non-essential cookies. If you accept our use of non-essential cookies, you may withdraw your consent at any time (see above).
Please note that blocking essential cookies may result in the unavailability of certain features of the site.

Using your Browser

In addition, if you wish to delete cookies or request your browser to delete or decline them, please consult your browser's help center. Please note that blocking essential cookies may result in the unavailability of certain features of the Sites.
To learn more about cookies and how they are used, visit All About Cookies. http://www.allaboutcookies.org/ 

IP Addresses & Site Protection

The site uses SSL technology and tools to optimize its protection. Your device’s IP address is collected and stored in the logs on the server to ensure protection of the site and prevent misuse.

Article 9 - Data Access, Correction and Referencing

Users have the right to access, modify, and oppose the collection of personal data. You also have the right to limit how your data is used, the right to referencing, and the right to transfer your personal data. You can exercise this right by contacting us at: Route de Sandy Ground, Marigot 97150, St. Martin, or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Any request should include the photocopy of a signed, valid identity card and your contact address. The response will be sent within a month following your request. This period may be prolonged by two months depending on the complexity of the request or the number of requests.

Since the n°2016-1321 law of October 7, 2016, those who wish to sort out the future of their data after their death may do so. For more information on this subject, visit https://www.cnil.fr/en/homeArticle

10 – Data Usage

Information collected could be communicated to third parties contracted by the publisher to execute duties necessary to manage your account, and this, without requesting your authorization.

In the case of violation of any kind for which the parties are involved and for which legal authorities would need to be informed of the collected information, said information will be transmitted to these authorities with their express and motivated request, and will no longer fall under the same regulations relative to the protection of personal data.
When certain information is required to access specific features of the site, the publisher will indicate this requirement at the time the information is collected.

Article 11 – Promotional Offers

You may receive promotional offers by the publisher once you have subscribed to the newsletter. If you do not wish to subscribe, you may unsubscribe at the link provided on each of the emails sent by the publisher.

Your data may be used by the publisher’s partners during sales prospecting. If you don’t want this, please send a message to the publisher. The data is saved and used for the period of time defined by current law.

Article 12 – Applicable Law

The current user conditions of the site are determined by French law and are subject to the authority of the courts local to the publisher’s headquarters, provided that specific jurisdiction has not been attributed by a particular piece of legislation or regulation.

For all questions, information on the products presented on the site or concerning the site itself, please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

St. Martin, October 12, 2020

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