St. Martin / St. Maarten Activities

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St. Martin, Island of Turquoise Waters…
In St. Martin “blue” tourism, or sustainable tourism, reigns, and it’s impossible to imagine anything else when hues of the color blue are all around you. A magical island set between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, St. Martin offers a little piece of paradise for anyone who enjoys swimming, sunbathing, playing sports, or simply relaxing… The beaches all have one point in common: the waters are so clear and warm that St. Martin’s underwater wonderland can be explored with nothing but a mask and a snorkel. There’s a long list of activities to do here, but water sports are the most popular ones offered on the island. The weather and water temperatures are ideal all year long (between 25° and 29° on average), and the regular trade winds are ideal for all kinds of water activities.

St. Martin, On Land…
Over the past several years, St. Martin has also focused on a new kind of tourism, where well-being, culture, sports, and leisure activities are at the forefront. After spearheading many promotional campaigns, St. Martin’s “natural side” is now included in all the travel guides. Hiking, horseback riding, cycling, and quad circuits are different ways of discovering this island paradise, and come with lasting impressions of not only the landscape and historical sites, but with firsthand experiences with the locals and their heritage.