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Visiting St. Martin – A List of Musts

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Nature Adventures and Culinary Pleasures

The island of St. Martin’s natural side is best explored through its hiking trails, its dazzling deep blue sea and numerous islets. Whether you seek active adventure or downtime, the island offers a long list of activities both on land and on sea, with something for everyone and every budget. Part of St. Martin’s charm also lies in its culinary specialties and the many places where you can appreciate Caribbean gastronomy in all its forms.

Historic Sites Worth Exploring

Get to know St. Martin’s local customs and art de vivre through its towns and many small villages. Beyond St. Martin’s 37 must-see beaches, the Friendly Island abounds with attractions that are both unusual and culturally enriching. There are many historic sites, on both the French and Dutch sides, which can deepen your understanding of the island’s unique history. The towns and districts reflect the Caribbean, and more specifically, the St. Martinois culture. Get a real feel for the local way of life by wandering the streets of these neighborhoods.

Every destination has its own special gems. Here’s a list of sights and activities, which will ensure your trip to St. Martin is a great success: