At the top of paradise

Pic Paradis

At 434 meters tall, Pic Paradis is the highest point on the island. From there, you have a fantastic panorama of St. Martin and the islands nearby. While it is possible to access Pic Paradis by road, nature lovers traveling on foot will discover some of the lushest, tropical flora on the island.

A Hiker’s Paradise

Pic Paradis is the principle starting point for several hiking trails along the island's verdant crests.

  • The Northeast Ridge
    Distance: 4.5 km – Elevation: 410 m - Start: Pic Paradis - Finish: Orient Bay
    Before crossing the RN7 highway, the path winds through the abandoned hamlet of Petit-Fond. Explore the ruins and gravestones there.

  • The Central Crest
    Distance: 6.5 km - Elevation: 155 m - Start: Pic Paradis antenna - Finish: Mount Concordia and Mount St. Peters antenna
    The path hugs the ridgeline and is therefore often unsuitable in rainy weather. Before you reach Mount Concordia, come across a long, stone wall creating a border between the two sides of the island.

  • Eden Well
    Distance: 3.5 km - Elevation: 215 m - Start: The West antenna at Pic Paradis - Finish: Pic Paradis
    The trail follows a ravine on the northern slopes of Pic Paradis. Before returning towards the peaks, pass the Paradis sugar mill ruins and a well with two large cast iron kettles.

Loterie Farm, a Verdant Treasure

Find Loterie Farm at the foot of Pic Paradis. This old sugar mill built in 1773 and abandoned by 1855, is today a place that boasts a stunning contrast to the rest of the island with its smells, sounds of nature, and crisp, cool air… At Loterie Farm, visitors can explore spring water swimming pools, two suspension bridges, a hiking trail, and places to dine.

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