The incredible spot, sensations and decibels

Maho Beach

A Show You Won’t Want to Miss

Celebrated all over the world for its location at the end of Princess Juliana Airport’s runway, Maho Beach is one of St. Martin’s most famous and unusual beaches. It’s a real thrill to watch airplanes take off and land, and tourists rush to Maho to witness an extraordinary, magical moment.

The runway is relatively short so airplanes are required to land as close to the start of the airstrip as possible, flying just meters above the beach. Private jets, commercial airlines… all types of aircrafts touch down here, making each landing a real show.

Admiring the planes has become such a popular activity that the schedules of various airlines are posted on boards in the surrounding bars. And since many tourists enjoy both the bar and the beach, hanging out here on departure day ensures travelers won’t miss their flights out.

Be careful not to place your towel down close to the runway—the jet engines make everything go flying in a whirlwind of sand! Larger objects in the area can also be thrust up into the air and into the sand or water, which can cause serious injury. Please respect the warning signs alerting visitors to the risk of the jet engines.

A Beautiful, Relaxing Beach

With its white sand, and calm, clear, turquoise water at times stirred up by the swell, Maho Beach is delightful in clement weather. Lay your towel down away from the runway and watch the show while bathing in the sun.

At one end of the beach, Sunset Beach Bar has a beautiful view of the planes and of the sunset. It’s an ideal spot for sipping a cocktail while enjoying the last golden rays of the day.

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