Tuesdays in Grand Case

Tuesdays in Grand Case

Every Tuesday evening in February, March, and April, the old fishing town of Grand Case comes alive with the biggest artisanal market on St. Martin island. Promoting local culture is the main purpose of this event, which is highly anticipated by tourists and island locals alike.

Parades and Music

Parades are one of the key elements of Grand Case Tuesdays. Carnival dancers and musicians frolic about to the wild rhythms of drums and horns, in a whirlwind of costumes and colors. Visitors can appreciate traditional dance shows and attend concerts by local musicians.

Artisan Stands

Grand Case Tuesdays are also the opportunity for artists and artisans to display their works. On the boulevard, dozens of people showcase everything from paintings, photography, clothing, soap, and pottery. Paying tribute to local savoir-faire, these stands are the perfect place for tourists to find handsome souvenirs to bring home from the island.

Restaurants and Palatable Pleasures

The party wouldn’t be complete without all of St. Martin’s flavors and gastronomy. Visitors can savor the culinary traditions of the island at stands set up for quick bites. Many restaurants on the boulevard also offer Creole cuisine, which makes Grand Case an excellent choice when it comes to gastronomy. During this time, terraces are packed with people and the party vibe takes over the fishing village.

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