Set out to Sea

Set out to Sea

St. Martin is paradise for those who love the water. Known for its heavenly white sand and turquoise waters, the island has 37 beaches. Each is different from the next, but they are all equally as beautiful.

St. Martin, a Sailing Destination

St. Martin has become one of the most spectacular places to sail in the Caribbean. Cradled by trade winds, the island offers ideal conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing and other sailing sports. Sailing classes are possible on many of the island’s beaches, and one can learn the basics from a very young age, aboard a Hobie Cat (beach catamaran) or a Laser Pico.

St. Martin rivals the British Virgin Islands for the title of most popular Caribbean destination. Sailors aplenty come to berth here all year long. Visitors and locals can hire charter companies for day or weekend outings. Whether it’s for learning to sail or just to get out onto the water on a catamaran, motorboat or Hobie Cat, you’re sure to find the experience you’re after. St. Martin is also a home port for catamaran charter companies who provide one or two-week cruises.

Proximity to Nearby Islands

St. Martin is centrally located near many other islands, and is one of the major hubs of the Caribbean for short and long term cruises. Landing either in Philipsburg or Galisbay, cruise passengers will enjoy the streets of St. Martin for its shopping, cocktails on terraces, and beaches.

The surrounding islands are also magnificent destinations for sea lovers, offering secluded spots to drop anchor, peaceful coves, and colorful reefs. Hoist your sails to St. Barths to snorkel in the splendid, transparent waters of Colombier Bay. A little further, explore the rugged nature and extraordinary dive spots of Saba. Head for Anguilla to enjoy the pristine, fine sand beaches and turquoise waters. Or dive in the natural reefs just off St. Kitts to swim among the tropical fish.


  Set out to Sea