Diving at Creole Rock

First Time Dive at Creole Rock

To get to know St. Martin’s big blue sea, there’s nothing like scuba diving, an activity that can be done without any previous experience. First-timers often take the plunge at Creole Rock, a superb diving spot accessible for novices, out in the open sea in Grand Case..

Training and Gear

A diving instructor awaits us on his boat at the entrance to the Anse Marcel marina. Once introductions are made, we get to work figuring out which wetsuit, mask, and flippers fit best. All equipped, we’re ready to go.

After a short briefing on how to use the gear and the procedures for our first dive, we embark onto the club’s annex and sail towards Creole Rock, which faces Grand Case. Five minutes later we drop anchor in crystalline turquoise waters, just a few meters from the rock..

Discovering the Deep Blue Sea

Suited up, we put on our flippers and masks and slip into the water. The instructor is reassuring as he provides tanks and hands us the attached pressure regulator, which allows us to breathe under water. We submerge ourselves, little by little, to get comfortable with the mechanism and breathing techniques. As we go down, the immense deep blue sea gradually reveals itself under our feet.

Trumpet fish, parrotfish, boxfish, lionfish, shrimp, sea anemone… The instructor points out each species with a hand gesture that corresponds to each kind. They are all equally as stunning and colorful as the other.
To make sure you’re fine, the instructor keeps regular contact through visual communication and signs. You just signal him if there’s any problem or discomfort, and he will quickly take us back to the surface. If you are comfortable, you can go down to six or seven meters, and the instructor can let go of your hand so you can move around more independently.

After about 20 minutes of exploring underwater Grand Case and the smallest, deepest corners of the sea, we slowly return to the surface, starry-eyed (like the fish!) and a little tired from the exhilarating new experience. Thankfully, a little pick-me-up awaits aboard the boat.

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