Happy Bay, the Paradise You Deserve

Savor Paradise at Happy Bay

If you dream of abandoned, intimate beaches, Happy Bay is the utopia you’re after. Located just above the popular beach at Friar’s Bay (Anse des Pères), this precious little bit of land opens up to you after a 10-minute trail walk along the hillside, starting from Friar’s Bay.

A Natural Gem

Easily accessible on foot, Happy Bay is the quintessential postcard perfect beach with white sand, turquoise waters, and palm trees. Its appeal is undeniable, and no doubt the memory of a visit there will last a lifetime. On the Caribbean Sea, it’s a wild, untouched place to carry out your greatest Robinson Crusoe fantasies. This natural treasure sometimes gets hit with good waves, so if you love surfing, bring your board to test the waters, and perhaps discover other saltwater pleasures. Make sure to pack cold drinks to keep hydrated because there’s no beach bar or restaurant there—it’s the price you pay for authenticity.

Space is Limited

Come to this piece of paradise early in the day—this small, intimate setting is first come first served. It’s an ideal spot for lovers and couples looking for a quiet hideaway, and it’s not possible to spread out on the hills above.

For a perfect day out, plan to bring a picnic and take advantage of the delicious setting with lunch overlooking the water.

If you’re soothed by the sound of waves rolling in and out, you’ll be in pure heaven here. Become a voluntary castaway, where relaxing is your only mission, and find harmony between body and mind, between humans and nature. This is the kind of Happy place you’ll surely remember forever.

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