La part des Anges

Rum Tasting at La Part des Anges

La Part des Anges, a warm and elegant venue, has opened its doors on Grand Case Boulevard. It’s a unique space dedicated to rum tastings that feels intimate, like home. Wooden shelves, reminiscent of library stacks, house over 150 different types of rum from the Caribbean and Central America. Among them are some of the best bottles in the world, from which we can sample comfortably, with even maybe… a cigar in hand. Why not?  

Discover the History of Rum

La Part des Anges has become a haven for spirits lovers, but it is also where those curious about rum making come for information and stories. Laurent, who’s in charge of tastings, is never short of a good tale. He enthusiastically shares all his knowledge about the history and secrets of rum production. Attending to your every need, the “rumtender” guides you through your discovery of the exceptional vintages of the La Part des Anges label. He forges the connection between the Caribbean culture and your tasting journey, creating an experience that is simply memorable.

Ravishing the Taste Buds

La Part des Anges rum bar and the adjacent gastronomical restaurant, Le Pressoir, combine their savoir-faire and produce for an unprecedented tasting experience. A selection of rums is paired with the most elaborate amuse-bouches, or appetizers. The decadent spice notes together with the delicate flavors of the spirits make for an explosion on the palate. It’s impossible to remain indifferent to the coupling of these rums and the culinary delicacies concocted by Chef Jérôme Droingt and his team.

An Evocative Name

La part des anges, or the angels’ share, is a poetic expression used by cellar masters to describe the evaporation of alcohol that naturally escapes from the barrels over time, an integral part of the spirits aging process. A volatile substance that is reserved for the angels, it is also the name given to the establishment in Grand Case. This rum tasting bar strengthens the renown of the island as the gastronomical capital of the Caribbean.

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