Stay in a Villa for the Stars

A Beautiful Day Deserves an Equally Beautiful Night

Do you want to experience something unforgettable—the kind of thing that leaves an indelible impression on you?

Then treat yourself to nights as beautiful as your days, with an exceptional stay in a luxury villa. You will feel like a star. The island of St. Martin has one of the most beautiful backdrops, and magnificent villas stretch into protected areas, sheltered from onlookers and the noise. Nestled in the middle of sumptuous tropical gardens with a pool, or along infinite beaches, the properties are available for those daring to live the dream for a few nights––or longer.

Delight in Peace and Pleasure

Grand living spaces open up to the turquoise sea, and the rooms and bathrooms are immense. During the day, relax in the sun on the terrace or in the shade of a palm tree, stretched out for a siesta and lulled by the sound of the rolling waves. You can admire the sunset from your king-sized bed, guaranteed to provide a sweet, restorative night’s sleep. Everything detail is cared for with peace and comfort in mind, no matter the time of day, so you can just enjoy and fully relax. Check your worries at the door, and let your senses be dazzled. 

Find Freedom With Great Service

Tailor your experience to your needs. For those so inclined, it is easy to hire a chef for an exceptional dinner, or a butler to fulfill your last-minute wishes. From your wildest dreams to your smallest flights of fancy, you can delegate all your daily needs, and allow professionals to arrange your outings. Don’t miss out on one minute of fun; instead, leave all of your desires with a concierge service that will plan everything for you. Luxury villas offer this option for their most demanding clients. Just ask and you shall receive.

You’ll never want to leave!

  Truly friendly experiences