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Orient Bay Beach, discover the Saint-Tropez of the caribbean

Orient Bay (or “Baie Orientale” in French) beach is a must-see while you’re staying on the island of St. Martin. This beach on the north-west side of the island is one of the biggest and most popular. It has been given the name “Saint-Tropez of the Caribbean”, and sports fanatics often come here for surfing and other water sports. Orient Bay beach in St. Martin is on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island, and the white sand, swept by the trade winds, stretches for almost 2 kilometers.

The seaside village of Orient Bay is spread out and there are some excellent restaurants and hotels with a fantastic view of the turquoise-blue ocean. These establishments will provide you with some intensely relaxing moments and new discoveries.

A day in Orient Bay, paradise in St. Martin!

You won’t be able to resist the call from the ocean for long. You’ll want to wander around all day long in a swimsuit or lightweight outfit and just enjoy the array of pleasures on offer in this one place. You’ll begin your day with a morning jog along the beach or down the narrow streets near the ocean that wind around the vast area that is Orient Bay, past the hotels, villas and restaurants. The sound of the waves will follow you, and the beautiful shades of the waters will be your constant backdrop. You’ll discover some beautiful exotic gardens, multicolored, Caribbean-style houses and iguanas will cross the streets right in front of you.

Orient Bay

After your jog, the beach establishments, that serve both as restaurants and beach bars, will be opening their doors. You’ll be able to enjoy this time when the heat of the sun has not yet gotten too intense, to take a seat and order a coffee on the beach, with your feet in the sand. Let your eyes wander and take in the beauty all around you, as the neighborhood begins to come to life, cafés and restaurants arrange tables and chairs outside, as well as beach chairs and umbrellas. It’s a good start to a wonderful day. You’ll start thinking about the day’s activities and picturing your lunch out on the terrace. That’s what we call pleasure, the pleasure of the island of St. Martin, here in Orient Bay.

Parachute ascensionnel Baie Orientale Saint Martin

You came here to try out a wide range of water sports, and you won’t be disappointed. In Orient Bay, water sports come naturally, and the setting couldn’t be more perfect. You’ll be tempted to try out jet-skiing, parasailing, flyboarding, surfing,  kitesurfing, or windsurfing. The choice is yours, we recommend trying something new.

Kitesurf baie orientale

A wide range of beach establishments offer introductions to these sports, and qualified instructors are on-hand to help you get the most out of your experience and push your limits. Something a little less extreme, why not have a beach volleyball or beach tennis match with friends or as a family. The courts are free to use, for a relaxing afternoon, full of laughter.

In St. Martin, Orient Bay is a haven where time will literally fly by. Late morning, why not take to the water and go for a swim in the ocean.

Planche à voile baie orientale

At lunchtime, treat yourself to some local specialties. Choose a beach restaurant that serves local fish dishes. Bikini Beach is the perfect place. Take a seat under the pergola on the wooden decking or on a sofa on the beach. You’ll feel the wind on your face and will be captivated by your surroundings. You’d never have thought it possible to have all your senses awakened like this. Take a look at the menu and you won’t know what to choose, you’ll want to taste everything because it all looks so good. You won’t be able to decide between the local fish dishes (mahi mahi marinated in spices, wild grouper fillet, red snapper), and the Creole dishes (chicken columbo, “fricassée de chatrou” (octopus), Creole platter).

Then the afternoon stretches before you. To the soothing sound of the backwash, you can start with an afternoon nap on a beach chair. When your body and mind are completely relaxed, the more daring side of you will be awakened and you’ll want to spend the afternoon doing something exciting. Action and adrenaline are on the cards! The water sports here will take you to a different realm, one where there are no limits defined by time and space. You are entering a whole other dimension. In St. Martin, Orient Bay always keeps its promises!

Baie orientale Plage transats La Playa

An evening in Orient Bay

You’ve just had the best day ever. Feet in the sand, wind through the hair and a view of the blue ocean, you’ve had a day filled with salty ocean air, nature and adventure. It’s now time to go and get changed at the hotel, to see the nocturnal pleasures of Orient Bay.


When you booked your hotel, you were taken aback by the choice, comfort and services of the Orient Bay establishments. The hotels here were completely renovated since 2017 after storm Irma. On the seaside, the hotels are ideal for the tired sporty guests or totally relaxed guests that you are. La Plantation, Palm Court, La Playa, Orient Beach Hotel and Esmeralda Resort are all in an exceptional location, with private swimming pool and most of them have direct access to the beach. These establishments offer beach chairs, and spacious, air-conditioned rooms with an ocean view. The Adam & Eve Residence is ideal for nudist guests. If this is your choice, you’ll feel safe in this charming establishment with a private swimming pool and a magnificent garden surrounded with high walls.

Residence Adam&Eve Hebergement SXM Baie Orientale

In the evenings, after a cool and invigorating shower, you’ll want to take advantage of one of the fine-dining restaurants, in the village square in Orient Bay. Once again, you’ll be taken aback by the choice available, all of which guarantee great food and a festive atmosphere thanks to the bands playing during the high season.

Spend some quality time with friends or family, near the seafront, where everyone will want to talk about their day and the magical things they saw and did. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, treat yourself to the wide range of flavors on offer, that will take your tastebuds on a journey. The restaurants serve world cuisine: French, Italian, Thai, Creole, there’s something for every taste and for every budget. The most popular restaurants are Le Piment, La Voile Blanche, Le Télégraphe, and L’Atelier among others. They all have an outdoor seating area, impeccable service, and use fresh, local products.

Your fantastic day in Orient Bay comes to a close, to the light of the photophores and the sound of the musicians, and St. Martin has taken over your heart and will be forever engraved in your memories.

L'Atelier Restaurant Baie Orientale SXM

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