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Shopping Marigot

Shopping in Marigot

Explore the capital of the French side and wander around the luxury stores, discover local arts and crafts, and enjoy walking along the water!

Profitez des charmes de Marigot, la capitale créole

Enjoy the charm of Marigot, the Creole capital

Marigot, the Creole capital is on the west side of the island and this town is most definitely a worthy representative of France in the tropics. The exotic subprefecture is home to all the main administrative services and it oozes charm with a traditional Caribbean atmosphere. Wander around the shopping streets and just take in the authenticity and friendly atmosphere that is so characteristic of St. Martin! 

Charme de Marigot

You’ll immediately get a feel for the local atmosphere in Marigot. The town draws you in and you’ll feel intimately connected with it, thanks to its lively ambiance, its lavish colors, and its spicy scents. To round off this magical experience, the turquoise waters of Marigot Bay call to you, providing the most perfect setting for exploring this endearing capital. You won’t be able to help but give in to the temptation and shop to your heart’s content!

Rue de la République Marigot Office de Tourisme de Saint Martin

Inviting architecture

Experience Marigot’s authentic character firstly by taking a stroll along the shopping streets – make sure to keep your eyes peeled! Most of the facades of the buildings and stores have kept the historic, traditional colorful appearance that is so characteristic of Creole houses. The wooden and stone architecture of the buildings will take you back in time. The two-story houses with beautiful railings call out to you, and invite you to venture inside. Push open the door to satisfy your curiosity! You can wander around the Rue de la République and the seafront, looking for inspiration for your next purchases. On the first floor of these traditional houses, there are countless clothing and accessories stores for men, women and children, much to the delight of shopaholics.  You’ll find high-fashion stores, trendy clothes brands, and independent stores filled with all sorts of treasures, at great prices.  As you explore the town, you’ll come across the Wall of Art, which is a spectacular sight and an artistic discovery at the same time. In Marigot, you’ll experience a both tradition and new trends. A guaranteed change of scenery!

Une convivialité architecturale-
Une convivialité architecturale-
Une convivialité architecturale-

All the must-have products in Marigot

A shopping spree in Marigot is also about treating yourself to luxury products. Fans of signature products and limited series will find all the biggest brands. You’ll find all your favorite brands including Dior, Montblanc, Fred, Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Chanel, and Longines at Goldfinger in Marigot. On Rue du Général De Gaulle, you’ll be tempted by the most beautiful bags at Longchamp. Then, at Lipstick, you won’t be able to resist the fragrances and cosmetics from top international brands (Paco Rabanne, Escada, Givenchy, Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Dior, Prada, etc.). You’ll be spoiled for choice, and guaranteed the best prices, advice and service, thanks to the famous St. Martin hospitality!

Le must have à Marigot
Le must have à Marigot
Découverte de l’artisanat local jus frais

Discovering local arts and crafts

While you’re visiting Marigot, it’s easy to find souvenirs to treat your family and friends while sticking to a budget! Along the seafront, Marigot Market sells the very best local products every day except Sunday. 

Découverte de l’artisanat local

If you want to come and rummage around the different stalls at your leisure, you’ll find lots of temptations in this temple of local products.The small Creole houses provide the perfect setting for this colorful market full of flavors. You can buy fresh, local products (fruits, vegetables, fish, spices), either to take away or ready to eat at the market. What could be better than quenching your thirst with coconut water, biting into a piece of fresh mango, or nibbling on some ‘acras’ (spicy fish cakes)? The local rum distillery will let you taste their range of flavored rums, each with a delicious, subtle taste. It’s like having the Caribbean in a bottle! Next to the market, there are local arts and craft stalls selling their creations (painted sarongs, jewelry made with shells, coconut bags, etc.) at affordable prices.

A unique atmosphere

Go treat yourself to some new culinary discoveries at the ‘lolos’ next to the market and the ferry terminal. They’re little traditional restaurants that are proud to represent St. Martin’s cuisine. A giant barbecue and an open-air kitchen fill your shopping experience in Marigot with sweet and savory delights! You can eat the local culinary treasures right there when you buy them, or take the food home in containers.

Une ambiance unique
Plage Marigot

Going shopping in Marigot, in this unique atmosphere, is the ultimate experience of the island’s easy-going way of life because you can also go for a swim while you’re there! Galisbay Beach, also known as Baie de la Potence, is just outside the town center. This place is a favorite with the locals and is a friendly place to come and cool off. On the other side, don’t miss the vast beach in Nettlé Bay, which faces both the sea and the lagoon. It’s the perfect place to relax and take in the salty air brought in by the trade winds!