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Spinning the Wheel of Fortune

Poker tournaments, roulette, craps, blackjack, slot machines and baccarat all compete for attention in the dozen casinos of St. Maarten. Spread across all four corners of the Dutch part of the island, these temples of entertainment are numerous, varied and extremely festive.

A game for everyone at the casino in St. Martin

Local players and passing tourists come together in a great atmosphere filled with hypnotic music, flashing lights and extravagant colors. There’s no need to be dressed to the nines and wearing high heels to be able to come and try your luck on the lush carpets of the games rooms. Going to the casino is just a part of daily life here. Here, gambling is almost an art of living, a pleasant way to unwind. All sorts of players find what they’re looking for at the casinos of St. Maarten.

A festive evening where there’s no need to watch the clock

To try your luck, you don’t need to wait for Friday 13th or another specific date. The casinos are open every day, some of them 24 hours a day. They move between the different areas based on specific themes, and the lavish decor reflecting iconic movie scenes. You’ll be treated like a prince, with a cocktail in your hand, enjoying the musical interludes and impressive performances from the cabaret dancers. The games are made even more exciting thanks to the concerts and shows. In these festive places, your only limit is the one you set for yourself.

The casinos of St. Maarten are in the seaside hotels and resorts or in Philipsburg, Maho, Simpson Bay, Cole Bay, and Cupecoy.