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Take advantage of shopping in Front Street

On the Dutch side of the island of St. Martin, a shopper’s paradise stretches along an entire street devoted to shopaholics, lined with palm trees. Front Street runs parallel to the seafront and is the main shopping street of Philipsburg. Passing from store to store, past the colorful store displays, between the buildings you’ll catch a glimpse of a turquoise-blue color, calling to you. The sea is just on the other side. In St. Martin, you can go shopping and enjoy an idyllic setting at the same time as taking advantage of all the best deals. After this unique moment, you might feel like taking a break out on the terrace in front of a café, facing this dreamlike view, with all your bags at your feet, full of incredible findings.

A world of luxury on St. Martin

There are countless luxury stores, jewelers displaying their greatest creations of jewelry and watches. The greatest American, Italian and French clothing brands are all there, competing for the best window displays. You’ll find everything from bags, to shoes, sunglasses, leather goods, and pens, all beautifully presented. Hi-fi, video and telephone merchants also have a wide range of hi-tech products. The very best in technology is right here on Front Street. Perfume stores also have a wide range of cosmetics and fragrances, from some of the biggest names.

In between the big brands, there are some typical souvenir stores and discount stores. It is easy to find some great, original gifts to take home as souvenirs from the island. There are also gaming establishments like casinos along Front Street. You can easily go and try your luck there, even in casual clothing, on the slot machines, blackjack, poker or roulette.

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The best deals are on St. Martin

The personnel in all these stores are always on-hand to assist and advise you with a smile. The air-conditioned stores are very pleasant in a tropical climate, you can take the time you need to search and most probably find what you’re looking for. Shopping in St. Martin is a recreational activity in itself!

The very attractive prices are because the absence of customs duties keep taxes low. The many tourists who come shopping in St. Martin before leaving the island are always satisfied.


Customers can pay in euros if they want to. On the island, the sales clerks have a real flair for trade and will do their best to make sure you leave with a smile. They won’t lose a sale for trivial details such as currency! Nevertheless, we recommend you change your money before going shopping and make sure you have some cash in dollars, because it’s more beneficial for you to pay in American dollars due to the current exchange rates. The sales clerks will most likely use an average exchange rate for euros and not necessarily the current one. So be prepared and you’ll make even more savings!

On the Dutch side, a lot of the stores on Front Street and other parallel streets are general stores. Some sell all kinds of souvenirs (gadgets, mugs, t-shirts, keyrings, flip-flops, etc.), as well as cigarettes or liquor, at very affordable prices. You’ll also find specialties based on infused rum and flavored cocktails to take home with you.

The chic designer stores (Italian, French or American) include all the latest trends and have something for everyone’s tastes. They have so much choice (shoes, bags, women’s, men’s or children’s clothing). There are also some international sports brands offering a whole range of textiles.

Multi-brand perfume stores have all the usual brands, as well as a wide range of cosmetics, make-up and skincare products.

Finally, you’ll find luxury jewelry and watches from top international brands (Swiss, French, or Anglo-Saxon). These stores are often very big, and also stock a wide range of IT and electronic equipment (hi-fi, telephones, etc.).