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Treetop adventure and swimming at Loterie Farm !

The Fly Zone at Loterie Farm is even more spectacular than the treetop climbing you’re used to, and there’s much more to see than just the zip wires, it’s an adventure into the tropical treetops. We could even say it’s one of the most spectacular activities of St. Martin.

Explore the tropical forest

Just below Paradise Peak, the highest point on the island of St. Martin, there is a secret eco-tourism sanctuary that offers adventures in the trees. The tropical forest stretches as far as the eye can see and there are some exceptional treetop adventure trails here. This is your chance to explore the forest eco-system, along the walkways, rope bridges,observation platforms, and ziplines. You’ll be able to patiently observe the surrounding environment, without disturbing the wildlife, to understand the history and issues faced today in the natural environment. As you observe, you pass from tree to tree. You are likely to see monkeys and multicolored birds up in the mango and mahogany trees. Some of these remarkable trees are over 200 years old.

Loterie Farm Restaurants SXM
Forêt tropicale Loterie Farm Restaurants SXM
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Authentic and reinvigorating experience

You need to make sure you have comfortable clothing and closed shoes. The instructors will provide you with gloves and safety harnesses. There are two types of trails available.

Loterie Farm activité aventure SXM

The session begins with a short briefing on the equipment and how to attach your climbing harness and how to use a D-ring. Your treetop adventure begins at Paradise Peak and lasts around an hour. The underlying theme is always ecology and respect for the environment. This authentic and reinvigorating experience is an opportunity for travelers to see the island in a different way, far from the white sandy beaches.

The experience ends with some thrills and a rush of adrenaline as you whizz along the zip wire all the way down to Loterie Farm – a former sugar cane plantation from the 18th century. You’ll pretty much be able to fly when you leave!

Loterie Farm Restaurants piscine SXM
LoterieFarm salle Restaurants SXM

After all that effort, you deserve a treat! Your treetop climbing activity in St. Martin is not over yet. The Loterie Farm swimming pool is the perfect place to end on a peaceful note, swimming in spring water. Nestled in the forest, hidden between the trees, some huts and sun loungers await you, as a couple or with friends, for some unforgettable quality time in a swimsuit. Make some precious memories at the “L’Eau Lounge” swimming area and “Jungle Room” restaurant while enjoying a drink or some Caribbean cuisine. You’ll be able to relax, laugh, swim or eat, at the foot of the mango trees and ficus. Iguanas wander around this garden of Eden, in their usual lazy manner, stopping off to bask in the sun. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of this authentic experience, and you’ll feel lucky to experience this unique ecosystem.


You should wear closed shoes or shoes that are firmly attached to your feet. Please do not wear sandals or flip-flops. Gloves and harnesses will be provided.

If you have long hair, make sure you tie it back.

Use a strap to keep your glasses on.

Make sure you don’t have any sharp objects such as keys or pens in your pockets, and keep pockets closed.

Keep your camera in a case and close to your body, not hanging from a strap.

You have to be over 1.40 meters in height and weigh less than 100 kg.

The activity lasts between 45 and 90 minutes. It all depends on your level and which trail you choose.

From 9am to 3:30pm every day in the peak season.

Between €40 and €60 per person. It all depends on the chosen zone.

L’Eau Lounge and the Jungle Room are accessible every day during the peak season, from 11am. You can go to this area for lunch or for a drink, even if you are not using the swimming pool. In that case, you’ll only pay for your food and drink, and you won’t have access to the bathing area.

If you would like to go swimming, the price includes admission and use of the huts and sun loungers. We recommend you bring your own towel, but there are towels available for rent if necessary.

Dogs are not permitted.
Picnics are not permitted.

Hut for 10 people: 190 euros/day + a bottle of wine.

“Cabanita” for a couple (2 sun loungers and a screen to ensure intimacy): 40 euros.

Towel if required: 5 euros.

Getting to Loterie Farm

By rental car or taxi. There isn’t really a public transport network on the island.

Loterie Farm, Pic Paradis 103, Rambaud 97150 St. Martin.

Telephone: +590 690 28-8466

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Pic Paradis offers you the jewel of St. Martin, a luxuriant tropical forest with an outstanding wealth of biodiversity. Plunge into the heart of nature’s abundance and head for the Fly Zone at Loterie Farm for an adventure amid majestic trees near the island’s summits, where real-life challenges await you.
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