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Romantic Escapes

The beautiful island setting makes St. Martin an ideal destination for a romantic getaway. A walk hand-in-hand along the most beautiful beaches, a kiss as the waning sun sets the sky ablaze, a romantic dinner and culinary journey at a gourmet restaurant… The Friendly Island has it all.

Spa Treatments and Massages

Spa experts propose massages, body scrubs, moisturizing wraps, facials, and pre-tanning treatments. We particularly recommend the spas of the 5-star hotel La Samanna, and the Secrets St. Martin hotel. Sandmassage also offers a bespoke home service is also available (+590.690.67.69.18 or sandmassage@hotmail.com). The esthetician comes to you, wherever you are.


Boat Trip to Creole Rock at Sunset

For a romantic vacation on St. Martin, you can’t miss the sunset boat trip to Creole Rock.

Standing tall against the fiery sky, the Rock looks like it’s lit up from within. Behind you is Grand Case beach with its gourmet restaurants. In the daytime, you can discover another facet of this diving and watersports hotspot.

Private Cabin Day Rentals at Loterie Farm

Loterie Farm can be found nestled in a beautiful tropical forest at the foot of Pic Paradis. Among the canopy, this eco-tourism sanctuary promises a unique experience with family or friends. During your romantic stay on St. Martin, the spring-water pool, cabins, and deckchairs beckon you to slip into your swimsuit for some memorable moments.

Swimming and Relaxing on the Beach

Be they wild and windswept, or idyllic spots with rows of coconut palms and sparkling sand, the 37 beaches of St. Martin have so much to offer. It’s up to you to select the decor for the movie of your romantic vacation on St. Martin. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Leisure or exercise. Authenticity or luxury. On the beaches of St. Martin, you can fulfill your passion for the sea, guided only by your own desires.

Drinks at Sunset on Grand Case Pier

In Grand Case, drinks with your loved one is a very romantic experience to be enjoyed during your stay on Saint Martin! On the pier that juts into the sea, with a drink in your hand, you’ll have a front-row seat for this magical moment of happiness. Head for Busco’s, at 6 Rue Franklin Laurence, for a bottle of exotically flavored infused rum. This divine beverage will take you on a sensory journey in a truly spectacular setting.

Amour Grand Case Sunset

Shopping Spree in Marigot and Philipsburg

During your vacation on St. Martin, take your partner for a day’s shopping to find all the best products at great prices! You just have to go to Marigot market if you want to soak up the local atmosphere. On the seafront, not far from Fort Louis, Creole huts set the scene for this colorful market. In Phillipsburg, all your purchases will be duty-free.

Horseback Riding at Sunset

On the island of St. Martin, any couple can enjoy this unique and romantic experience in the heart of nature. The Ranch du Galion proposes horseback rides. You’ll venture into the heart of the St. Martin Nature Reserve in the company of a qualified instructor, exploring between land and sea as you build a special bond with your partner, and with the horses.

A Romantic Dinner on the Beach

On St. Martin, your romantic vacation can be blessed with exotic excellence. St. Martin, an idyllic island where the food is heavenly, is the perfect place for romantic dinners on the beach. On request, the gourmet restaurant of the luxury hotel La Samanna will prepare a table for two on the beach in Long Bay, at an intimate spot that you’ll have all to yourselves.

A Catamaran Trip to Tintamarre Island

Tintamarre, a magnificent natural haven of peace in the middle of the ocean, is part of the Nature Reserve. For a romantic vacation on Saint Martin, try the unique experience of a day on a deserted beach against a backdrop of azure and turquoise. Your loving bond will be as strong as the closeness you feel with this precious environment.

destination tintamarre cata

Heaven for Your Taste Buds in the Restaurants of Grand Case

Known as the food capital of the Caribbean, the district is home to a number of restaurants rated by Gault & Millau. They offer a delicious fusion of Creole flavors and the great traditions of French cuisine. It’s a worthy representation of the French art of living is worthily, against a truly stunning backdrop. You and your partner will succumb to the culinary temptations of St. Martin!

Weddings on St. Martin

St. Martin is the ideal place to say “I do”. At a registry office or in church, religious and non-religious wedding services are all possible on St. Martin.

St. Martin is the ideal destination for couples who want to get married while on vacation.

Good to Know

Couples come from around the world to wed on St. Martin. In most cases, they have already had a civil wedding in their home country. A non-religious service is still possible, though. Please inquire, as a few formalities are necessary to fulfill your dream.

Practical Information

You can find a luxury villa with a swimming pool, take over a beach restaurant, or reserve a boat for the ceremony or the reception. You can arrange for a musical show too, thanks to the local zouk, soca, and salsa performers. You can also opt for tropical flower arrangements and exotic souvenirs as gifts for your guests. The only limit is your own imagination.

Bespoke Wedding Planners

The wedding planners are here to make all the arrangements for you and offer advice on the legal aspects. We recommend these agencies specialized in wedding planning.

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