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Set Sail in the Caribbean

Saint Martin is truly a heavenly place for anyone who loves the water. The island is reputed for its 37 idyllic beaches with white sand and turquoise water. Our region is also ideal for sailing enthusiasts and a great place to drop anchor if you’re eager to test your seafaring skills and take to the open sea.

Sailing and Boardsports on Saint Martin

The island of Saint Martin has become one of the best sailing regions in the Caribbean. Caressed by trade winds, the island offers perfect conditions for windsurfers, kitesurfers, and other boardsport fans who like to feel the wind in their hair and the sea spray on their skin. The best weather conditions are in the dry season, from December to May, when the trade winds graciously fill your sails. For beginners and experts alike, sailing is a way of life around Saint Martin. Playing with the wind is second nature. There’s no danger, and taking a salty dip is all part of the fun of learning. You may not realize it, but kitesurfing is a highly enjoyable sport even for beginners. It only takes a few lessons to get the hang of it. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete or have particularly strong arms either. On the contrary, the less you fight against the sail’s pull, the faster you progress. 

On Saint Martin, you can give it a try at Nettlé Bay with B52 Kite School, at Cul-de-Sac Bay near the jetty for Pinel Island with SXM Kiteschool, and at Orient Bay with Wind Adventures.

On Saint Martin,  other activities you can do with a sail include windsurfing. It’s very easy to get started, as lessons are available for children from the age of 7 years. The beach of Orient Bay is the perfect base from which to enjoy this sport and jump from wave to wave visiting neighboring islets like Caye Verte, Pinel, and Tintamarre. The sailing clubs of Orient Bay are open to everyone, from novices to seasoned sailors.

Young children can also learn the basics of sailing aboard a Hobie Cat (beach catamaran) or a Laser Picot. Again, Orient Bay is the place to be for this nautical introduction. You can rent small boats by the hour or for a whole day of practice. Next to the beach restaurant Kontiki, you’ll find Wind-Aventures. They even propose real ocean-going catamarans that you can rent by the day for a boat trip and an exploration of the neighboring islands of Anguilla and Tintamarre.

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Pleasure-Boating and Sailing on Saint Martin

Some famous regattas take place in this part of the world, offering a taste of the joys of sailing. Seafarers appreciate the fine weather and perfect temperatures. The party atmosphere generated by these races echoes the friendly spirit that prevails in the Saint Martin world of pleasure boating. Here, it’s all about genuine camaraderie and cosmopolitan crews. The most popular yacht race is the Heineken Regatta off Sint Maarten. This event is held every year in March. Then in May there’s the Captain Oliver’s Regatta, which starts at Oyster Pond and is hosted by Captain Oliver’s Resort on the French-Dutch border.

Pleasure-Boating in the Marinas of Saint Martin

In the magical setting of our tropical island, you can rent a floating vacation home. On Saint Martin, pleasure-boating is synonymous with luxury and tranquility, and the marinas and landscapes are caressed by cool trade winds. You don’t have to be a fortunate sailboat owner to enjoy the ultimate comfort and unrivaled prestige of these elegantly streamlined vessels. All you have to do is, for a substantial sum, book a stay on a yacht moored in a marina. This will give you the right to an enchanting getaway in the company of an attentive crew. You can visit all the neighboring islands at will and look for the most exotic places to drop anchor. You’ll enjoy all the comfort and freedom of coming and going as you please, trying different watersports and even scuba diving.

Saint Martin has two marinas on the French side (Fort Louis in Marigot, and Anse Marcel), and nine on the Dutch side (four in Cole Bay, two in Philipsburg, and three in Simpson Bay). The Moorings, located at Marina Fort Louis, rents out yachts and power catamarans for an unforgettable few days’ vacation with all services included. 

On Saint Martin, sailing and pleasure boating are alternative ways of enjoying the sea, experiencing the elements, and making unforgettable memories of your vacation.

Go with the flow, sail off into your dreams!

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