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Bring Your Group to St. Martin

Traveling to St. Martin in a group is a great way to encourage mindfulness and sharing between friends, family, or even coworkers. For that feeling of togetherness, there’s nothing quite like taking time out to breathe and enjoy authentic activities and good humor with a constant smile on your face. Your group can look forward to a variety of rewarding experiences, including sharing a luxury villa, enjoying athletic challenges in the tropical forest, drifting on the Caribbean waters, and getting together for a hearty meal. These basic ingredients come naturally on St. Martin!

A plusieurs sur les hauteurs

Take to the heights in numbers

Renting a dream house with a fun-loving group is your first step to a memorable vacation in paradise.

A plusieurs sur les hauteurs

On the uplands of Cul-de-Sac, in the northern part of St. Martin facing Pinel Island, these upscale villas overlooking the ocean invite you to admire the entire bay from their patio. Accommodating groups of 6 to 11 people, Le Karibuni is sure to have the villa of your dreams and meet your every desire for a Caribbean vacation with your group. The villas are located just a mile from the village of Orient Bay, the St.Tropez of the Caribbean, and its beautiful beach, an ideal spot for sailing and boardsports.

With your group of curious visitors and merry adventurers, you’ll spend a day on a pleasure boat to enjoy activities in and on the water, and visit the neighboring islands.

A heart as vast as the horizon

During your group trip to St. Martin, you’ll enjoy spending a day or more at sea, seeking out the most beautiful spots both on land and on the seabed.

TheSoul ofPirates voile
Voilier Grand Case

During your group trip to St. Martin, you’ll enjoy spending a day or more at sea, seeking out the most beautiful spots both on land and on the seabed. The Moorings , located at Marina Fort Louis in Marigot, rents out yachts and power catamarans for an unforgettable experience with all services included. The nearby islands of St. Barthelemy and Anguilla can be visited on a day trip. The crew will be on hand to provide whatever service you ask for. For sports lovers who can’t sit still, they may propose diving equipment and take you exploring the underwater fauna and flora.

If you dream of historical adventures, The Soul of Pirates proposes an out-of-the-ordinary experience. From Marigot and Marina Fort Louis, you’ll sail off with your group of adventurers on an eco-tourism treasure hunt and prepare to hoist the colors at some secret places. A timeless adventure is about to begin.

This group trip in St. Martin will have other surprises in store too!

The Jungle Room beckons

Why not get together with your fun-loving community in a timber cabin by a spring-water pool in the heart of the tropical forest? How long can you resist the call of the Jungle Room?

Loterie Farm
Jungle Room

In the heart of a hidden forest, beyond the Rambaud district, at the foot of Paradise Peak, the casual chic atmosphere of Loterie Farm makes it a great place for outdoor activities. From noon, the Jungle Room serves a selection of Caribbean-style dishes and tapas while, in the evening, you’ll find a more elaborate menu of West Indian dishes.

Plateau Loterie Farm

Like a bird on a branch

At Loterie Farm, the tropical forest stretches as far as the eye can see and there are also some exceptional treetop adventure trails. Along the walkways, rope bridges, observation platforms and zip wires, it’s a chance to explore the forest eco-system.

Accrobranche végétation luxuriante lotterie farm
Comme un oiseau sur une branche

Your fun-loving group will become true adventurers, leading you into the thick of the canopy for an awesome experience as you cling to your harness and carabiners. Here, the importance of protecting such natural heritage will suddenly become obvious. The experience ends with a spectacular zipline descent that really gets the adrenaline flowing on your way back down to the solid ground of Loterie Farm.

Randonnée Pic Paradis hiking

Hiking to Paradise

From Loterie Farm, you can go even further with your group and head for the sea on the Paradise Peak hiking paths. You can follow them to the coast and the many beaches of St. Martin.

Marcher vers Happy Bay

With an elevation of 1,391 ft, Paradise Peak is the highest point on St. Martin. To climb, the quad adventure with Liberty Quad is a must do !

Once at the top, Paradise Peak offers a magnificent panoramic view over the entire island and the neighboring islets. On the way back, discover the intimate and authentic Happy Bay, where you can enjoy the privacy of a real deserted beach. Your group trip to St. Martin will take you from one paradise to another.

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Randonnée Quad Pic Paradis.Ballade_quad

Italian-style Caribbean togetherness

After an amazing day of discoveries and shared emotions in the tropical forest, your group will be happy to continue their journey together around a generous dinner table. In Grand Case, opposite the Tijon Perfumery at the end of the boulevard, you’ll have the pleasure of dining in an authentic Creole house built of wood.


You’ll experience the warmth of Italian cuisine right here in the Caribbean, in Spiga‘s relaxing and inviting no-frills atmosphere. Fresh, local ingredients combine with the very best flavors of Naples and Milan. The feel-good memories of your shared trip will remain with you forever.

A group trip to St. Martin is a human adventure full of emotions and discoveries. Sharing moments of intimacy, amazement, excitement, or simply a meal is the quickest way to other people’s hearts.

Prepare to make new friends as well as lifelong memories!

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