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In the Heart of Nature on St. Martin!

On St. Martin, the little gem of the West Indies, every one of the superb beaches will mesmerize you and soothe your troubles away. All the same, If you’re a Robinson Crusoe at heart, on a quest for intense emotions, at one with the elements amid the peace and quiet of nature, then you’ll be able to plan a revitalizing experience, days when you’ll feel truly blessed, surrounded by all the beauty that St. Martin so generously offers.


A heavenly wilderness where the world is yours alone

If you’re an eco-tourism fan who has always dreamed of landing on a desert island and becoming a modern Crusoe, this is just the adventure for you. Captivated by the magnetic appeal of Tintamarre Island, you’ll become a willing castaway! The islet is 2 miles to the northeast of St. Martin. Uninhabited, deserted, it is still home to an exceptional wealth of fauna and flora that is protected within the Nature Reserve.

Tintamarre plage
Direction Tintamarre en bateau moteur

If you’re determined to get away from the daily grind, call upon the services of a boat charter company, who can tailor their services to match your wishes. Let them take care of everything. The crew will drop you on a beach, somewhere between land and sea. They can even take you there at nightfall to gaze at the starry sky.

There are no traces of civilization here. The atmosphere is heavenly.

Your captain will arrange everything for you, down to the flippers, mask and snorkel you’ll wear to explore the seabed. All day long, you’ll delight in the crystal-clear waters of this aquatic jungle teeming with life. You’ll make friends with the sea creatures that accompany your dive.

Then it’ll be time to relax on the beach, and enjoy the nature of St. Martin. White Bay is splendid. It is the easiest beach to get to and also the most sheltered. You’ll delight in basking on the beach.

Then comes lunch. You’ll have packed yourself a basic picnic and a beach umbrella because there are, of course, no restaurants or facilities on this little island. A small price to pay for the preservation of this authentic place. Alternatively, you’ll have asked Destination Tintamarre to provide lunch, which you’ll take out of the cooler and enjoy at the wooden picnic tables provided by the Nature Reserve. You’ll enjoy the pleasant simplicity, a sense of humility and mindfulness, and the feeling of being in just the right place, at one with the elements between the sea and the sky.

Baie Blanche Tintamarre
Falaises Tintamarre

You can walk along the clifftops to the north and southwest of the island. You’ll admire the coral reef. There are many footpaths to lead you to wherever you fancy getting lost. If you feel like it, your steps will guide you to a second beach just a few minutes’ walk from where the boats berth. This is the most unspoiled beach and it is a real breeding ground for many species of fish.

You’ll return to White Bay at the end of the afternoon. At this point you’ll appreciate a rest. Now is when time stands still.

When evening comes, you’ll still have to prepare to camp under the stars, far from civilization but closer than ever to your eco-tourism principles.

LoterieFarm wood houses

Secret sanctuaries to be at one with nature

Besotted with nature and craving unusual discoveries, you’ll head out you’ll visit Loterie Farm, a key item on the agenda of any Crusoe eager to experience nature differently. Treetop adventure trails, hiking paths, and a relaxation area offer travelers on St. Martin a chance to get closer to nature.

Marche Pic Paradis hiking
végétation luxuriante lotterie farme

If you fancy hiking, a Loterie Farm guide can lead you into the intimate depths of the fabulous habitat that St. Martin conceals and preserves so well. As you start to climb Paradise Peak, you’ll become aware that you’ve embarked on an extraordinary expedition. You’ll fully appreciate the virtues of trees as you walk through the forest. Paradise Peak has to be earned. And you deserve the experience. The path up is very steep, but well worth the effort. From the top, the panoramic view over the Caribbean Sea will seem almost unreal.

After that moment of sheer beauty, you’ll follow a hiking trail that winds across the hills and the coastal heath. You’ll walk down to the Rambaud district located just beyond Loterie Farm. You’ll follow the ravine and savor the moment when you reach your goal: the sea.

At last, Happy Bay, where your inner Robinson Crusoe will be fulfilled once again. Happy Bay is a quiet beach with very few visitors. It is a wilderness reserved for courageous souls who make the effort to walk along a somewhat stony path lined with cacti.

Far from the towns, you’ll relax, enjoy the peace and quiet, and bathe in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Happy Bay Beach
Happy Bay rochers

St. Martin has plenty of surprises in store. As a nature lover, you’ll see the effort that this Caribbean island goes to in order to protect the incredibly rich ecosystem.

You’ll knowingly admire the architecture and the biodiversity of life that has developed in this multifaceted land. You’ll feel the deep and steadfast bond that exists between nature and each one of us.