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Romantic Trips to St. Martin

The island of St. Martin is full of appeal, with dreamlike scenery, sun-drenched sand, turquoise water, and a mild, sunny climate all year round. This gem of the Caribbean is a romantic haven that traveling couples will never forget. Whether you decide to tie the knot on the island or spend your honeymoon here, your romantic getaway will play out in places that can only bring you closer together, in both body and soul. Nature, sunshine, and the wind will keep you company and remain your witnesses to eternity. Your intimate experience will unfold in the most beautiful hotels and the best restaurants of St. Martin.

Love is everywhere

If you want to be among the couples who get married or enjoy a romantic honeymoon in the Caribbean, entrust all the arrangements to a fairy who will make your wildest dreams come true. You can ask her anything. She will adapt to your budget and obligations. This means that your trip to the Caribbean with your loved one will be totally about romance, freedom, and shared emotions. You can leave all the event arrangements and logistical aspects to Fée des Caraïbes. (which means “Caribbean Fairy” in French).  You won’t choose to get married on St. Martin by chance.

Amour Grand Case

In a fishing village by the Caribbean Sea

The Grand Case seafront in the north of this idyllic island is the perfect place to spend time with your partner and let your love grow. Right by the beach at Grand Case, a boutique hotel with an incredibly romantic charm will be your cozy nest if you choose St. Martin.

Sunset Grand Case course soleil
Le Temps des Cerises chambre

Le Temps des Cerises is a charming hotel with just 9 rooms. It is soberly decorated with sophisticated elegance. The rooms overlook the beach and you can kick off the day with breakfast on your patio, recharging your batteries in the sea air. At Le Temps des Cerises, you’ll live in the moment doing whatever you want. You’ll relax on the sand, splash about and cool off together in the salt-water immensity.

After a fabulous day ruled only by the backwash and the trajectory of the sun, you’ll have just another short walk along the boulevard of Grand Case to find yourself in a temple of St. Martin food. You’ll stop in front of Océan 82 to gaze at the huge aquarium and its magnificent display of live lobsters. You’ll find the meat, fish, and seafood exceptional, the service elegant and attentive. Dinner in paradise for a perfect end to your evening. And the next day, you’ll do it all again, discovering magical new places on St. Martin where romance can only thrive.

Ocean82 Restaurant
Eveil des papille grandCase Ocean 82
Ocean82 gastronomique GrandCase
Amour Karibuni

Around a heavenly islet in the Nature Reserve

Pinel Island, off the coast of Cul-de-Sac, to the northeast of St. Martin, is a gem among the island’s 37 beaches.

Vue Pinel
Couple snorkeling

You’ll indulge in the pleasure of discovering deserted beaches and feasting your unbelieving eyes on the fauna and flora of the shallow seabed (with a mask and snorkel). You’ll spend a day amid blue and gold on this tiny speck of land dotted with palm trees and cacti. LGBTQI travelers on a romantic getaway are always welcome in this corner of the Caribbean.

In the heart of the Nature Reserve, this little oasis of sand, rock, and coastal heathland waiting to be discovered can be reached by shuttle boat from the Cul-de-Sac jetty. From Cul-de-Sac you can also rent a two-seater sea kayak. Caribbean Paddling propose tandem trips around the islet and Cul-de-Sac Bay. Together, you’ll become one with life itself and feel totally present in the here and now. If you’re lucky you’ll come across turtles, stingrays, fish of every color, and other marine creatures. The joys of Pinel Island wouldn’t be complete without a midday break to eat sitting outside on Le Karibuni’s terrace. You’ll love the Caribbean specialties, local fish and freshly caught lobster served at this enchanting place. You’ll feast your eyes and regale your tastebuds with the flavorful culinary delights of St. Martin and the quality of the local produce.

On your romantic getaway in the Caribbean, your entire day will be filled with the softness and tenderness of a gentle caress. Just before sunset, you’ll leave this haven of peace and return to another where you’ll cuddle up with your loved one.

Kayaking dans les eaux calmes de Pinel
Pinel Karibuni

Having already booked a room, you’ll head to the Karibuni Lodge Boutique Hotel on the heights facing Pinel Island. Against this precious backdrop offering stunning views of the islet, you’ll gaze out at the protected areas of the Nature Reserve in all its splendor. Surrounded by the rich vegetation of the tropical gardens, six tastefully decorated suites with a unique charm strike a perfect balance between privacy and luxury. Leaning on the railings outside your suite, you’ll see the sky of St. Martin set ablaze by the setting sun. Then it’ll be time to rest and dream of the other amazing days you’ll spend with your loved one on the romantic island of St. Martin.

Lovers from around the world are bewitched by this island where you’ll experience unique adventures in incredible places. They’ll leave such an emotional mark that it will stay in your minds forever. You’ll come back again and again to rekindle the flame or celebrate your love, because once you’ve tried the St. Martin experience, you won’t be able to resist another romantic trip to the Caribbean.

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