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Shopping by Saint Martin’s artisans

If you want to take a little of the St. Martin spirit home with you, then don’t leave the island without paying a visit to our artisans and local producers. There are plenty of typical products to delight your taste buds and add a touch of sunshine to your interior or to your wardrobe. On St. Martin, shopping is an authentic experience with straightforward, wholesome products made by hand or according to traditional methods.

Ma doudou rhum

The taste of distilled pleasure

Quite naturally, you’ll begin your search for the best souvenirs of St. Martin by tasting and purchasing a bottle of infused rum or old rum. At the local rum distillery you can take your time to choose and compare between classic and spiced versions of this exotic drink. Various mixtures and blends reveal their geographical specificity and terroir. The St. Martin identity is reflected in the richness of these distilled beverages.

Dégustation plaisir distillés

You’ll take the flavors of the Friendly Island home with you, thanks to the sun-drenched fruits from the soils of St. Martin that flavor the rums. Mango, papaya, mammee apple, lime, guavaberry, coconut, and pineapple are presented in bottles of every color. You’ll want to taste and buy them all, but you’ll have to show restraint and make a choice. For a few years now, manufacturers have been producing flavored rums and old rums, distilled on the island. A few examples are Colombier Tradition, in a colorful little Creole hut right in the center of Marigot, Busco in Grand Case (Rue Franklin Laurence) and Ma Doudou on the terraces of Cul-de-Sac. They will tell you all about their top-quality local productions in their stores. These unusual sites are a great place to start your St. Martin shopping spree.

Colombier tradition Marigot
A_A Scentsnmore

A feast for the senses and nourishment for your skin

During your search for authentic healthy products, you’ll love the organic cosmetics made by the local brand A&A Scentsnmore. This family business offers natural treatments for all skin types.

A_A Scentsnmore

They are specifically formulated for sensitive and intolerant skin with ingredients from plants cultivated without chemical fertilizers. They are mixed by hand in a laboratory on the island. You’ll find creams made with mango or shea, lotions with rose or aloe vera, soaps with coconut or vanilla, and scrubs containing coffee and mint. All the goodness of St. Martin’s nature is concentrated in handy travel packs. The bath salts will remind you of the caress of the waves on the beaches of St. Martin. You’ll find these precious elixirs in the island’s pharmacies and you can order them online and have them shipped anywhere by DHL.

A_A Scentsnmore

A tropical garden around your neck

There’s an amazing place on St. Martin for elegant and original shopping that will leave you spellbound. Located at the end of Boulevard de Grand Case, Tijon Perfumery is probably the only place in the world where customers can concoct their own perfume from a selection of over 300 essential oils, to take the spirit of St. Martin home with them.


Tijon Perfumery will let you create your own fragrance, and help you choose and mix your basic essences. You’ll learn how to recognize the concentrated scents of the Caribbean flora. You will leave knowing all about locally grown exotic flowers like jasmine, gardenia, and frangipani, and extracts of aloe vera, papaya, and other plants. To keep your memories close, you’ll be able to simply spray them on.

Artisanat marché de marigot garde robe

A local craftsmanship showcase

Your perfect shopping trip on St. Martin in search of the best and most original craft products will end at the market in Marigot, the Creole capital. You’ll immerse yourself in the authentic hospitality of St. Martin with a trip to this amazing hub of life. It attracts many craftspeople from the local area and across the world, whose stalls can be found in a small arena next to the Creole huts.

Vendeuse marché Marigot

You’ll want to take some spices home to cheer up your winter dishes and recreate the culinary journey of the senses experienced in the restaurants of St. Martin. You’ll then be able to try the best recipes from St. Martin at home.

Les épices du marché
Artisanat peinture céramique

Outside, the artists and creators will exhibit their works and propose souvenirs at very reasonable prices. You’ll find jewelry made with volcanic stones, shells, freshwater pearls, and other natural items found on the island. You’ll also discover bags and purses made from natural materials like coconut shell and hemp, as well as hand-painted sarongs.

Choosing the right souvenirs is an easy way to relive a joyful experience. To cherish your memories is to nurture your happiness. You won’t take anything home by chance. You’ll search for and learn to pick the most typical, most amazing items as you explore the island. Come shop and live the dream on St. Martin!

Intro Marché marigot

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