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Plage de Baie Longue Crédit Hotel La Samanna

The Caribbean Sea on Your Doorstep

When planning a vacation, you may well opt for the authenticity and mystery that only an island can offer. The appeal of such natural habitats has driven the development of made-to-measure tourism in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you’re a contemplative traveler in search of pleasure for the senses, a curious observer looking for adventure and romance, or a sports enthusiast constantly on the go, head for St. Martin!

The ebb and flow of the waves is more than just the perpetual movement of the sea or the ocean. It is the sound of happiness!

Restaurant Anse Marcel Beach

Relaxing on the beach, regaling the senses

At Anse Marcel, in the north of the island of St. Martin, you’ll discover a natural haven of calm and serenity where you’ll remain captive for a whole wonderful day. Settle on your comfortable beach chair under a sand-colored umbrella right in the heart of the Nature Reserve, deep in a sheltered cove of crystalline water surrounded by lush green hills.

Anse Marcel

Anse Marcel Beach is the haven of peace where you’ll unwind, gazing at the horizon from behind your sunglasses, letting your thoughts wander and nurturing your dreams. The staff will be on hand to pamper you. These delectable moments will last all day, punctuated by refreshing dips in the Caribbean Sea from where you’ll contemplate the beach of Anse Marcel.

Then you’ll head for the restaurant on Anse Marcel Beach for a meal on the beautiful stone terrace facing the immensity of the turquoise water. Give in to the temptation of wild shrimp fried in coconut oil with spicy sauce, or a salad of lobster straight from the tank served with Creole vinaigrette. You’ll be carried off to a land of sweet and savory pleasures and your day of meditative happiness will leave you feeling relaxed and rested like never before.

A plunge into mysterious depths

If you’re the type who’s easily led into romantic adventures with a touch of mystery, head for Grand Case and Creole Rock to explore the abysses and enjoy the last rays of the setting sun. Beneath the surface, you’ll witness the magic of the depths amid a tube-like architecture in a subtle world that conjures emotions and a pleasant sense of harmony.

plongée rocher creole
Bubble Shop plongée

Passionate professionals will provide all the necessary equipment for your tranquil scuba diving experience and will supervise you while they reveal the secrets of their discipline. With Bubble Shop, on Rue de la Baie Orientale, you’ll be able to arrange an excursion into this silent world where patience and curiosity are rewarded every time. Novices will be able to do their first dive, while experts enjoy an underwater exploration. You’ll be instantly nostalgic for the submerged universe once you get back to the surface. Your encounters with unlikely creatures and plant life will have turned you into a romantic adventurer. At dusk, your journey will continue on Boulevard de Grand Case. 

BubbleShop boutique
La Part des Anges sieges chesterfield

At La Part des Anges, you’ll make yourself comfortable in a Chesterfield armchair and taste the very best local rums. This is the favorite haunt of avid rum drinkers, and the ideal place for those who would like to get their first taste of this amber liquor. Much like a big bookcase, the shelves showcase 150 rums from the West Indies, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Right after, facing a magnificent setting sun, you’ll look back on your day and your maiden voyages into nature’s realm.

Watersports without limits

If you’re a seasoned athlete, or enjoy pushing your limits, you’ll find a worthy playground at the beach of Orient Bay. This will be your chance to defy the elements, in the sea or in the sky. The perpetual trade winds that blow over the ocean invite you to harness the elements and challenge the salt water’s immensity. Orient Bay’s exceptionally vast stretch of water is ideal for perfecting your technique over long distances.

Planche à voile baie orientale
Watersport Baie Orientale

You can get expert advice from the kitesurf school. The instructors will tell you all they know and help you build confidence in your own ability. Wind Aventures, located next to the beach restaurant Le Kontiki, is the place to go for watersports fans. You’ll discover the joys of whizzing across the water or through the air, pushing your boundaries, making the swell your accomplice and enjoying a new sense of freedom. You’ll learn to master the art and perfect your technique.

Wind adventure Kitesurf baie orientale

Always on the go without a minute to spare in your thirst for marine adventures, you’ll take lunch on the beach, sitting at Le Kontiki restaurant in your swimwear or wetsuit. Made with fresh ingredients, their Caribbean cuisine with an Asian twist will replenish your strength before you return to your battle with the elements. After this energetic day, all you’ll want to do is return for even more discoveries and adventures. On St. Martin, there’s no end to the watersports horizon. When night falls, you’ll close your eyes and relive your exploits and sensations in your dreams.

You would have never imagined you could feel such profound happiness. You would have never thought that a vacation on the Caribbean Sea could be so meaningful. Our island has beaches to match the personality of every traveler, 37 sand and salt water giants to meet every fervent desire. This is the sea in all its colorful glory, in every shade of joy.

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