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Must-Sees on Saint Martin

You won’t have time for boredom. There’s so much to do and discover on Saint Martin. Imagine the wild beauty of unique sites, and all the sports and cultural activities. Succumb to the temptation of the island’s culinary delights.

Visit the heritage, discover the history, and enjoy the legendary hospitality of the locals. In this enchanting setting where wildlife is protected for the good of everyone, come and marvel at the uniqueness of an environment that promises adventure. Try the Creole specialties, freshly caught fish, and meat barbecued on the beach as you gaze at the turquoise water. You’ll land at Princess Julianna Airport to find the exotic Saint Martin inviting you to escape into the Friendly Island experience and enjoy a sense of peace and serenity. Unless you prefer the more lively setting of the village centers, where some neighborhoods ooze with vitality.

Never again will you wonder how to fill your holiday in the West Indies on an island as small as Saint Martin!

Local Heritage

The island of Saint Martin was constantly under the conquest of various nations who squabbled over its possession throughout the course of history. Christopher Columbus spotted the island in 1493 on Saint Martin’s Day, November 11. He gave it its name and listed it on behalf of the Spanish Crown. The French, English, and Dutch then continually argued for the supremacy of their people and culture, until the Concordia Treaty of 1648 divided the island between France and the Netherlands. Towering over Marigot Bay, Fort Louis is a vestige of that era, when the coastline was protected from foreign invasion by defenses built on the uplands.

Nature Expedition

Nature rules over Saint Martin and its ecosystems have great value. In the luxuriant tropical forest full of rare varieties and endemic species, the animal and plant life features some gems of biodiversity. The island’s choice habitat also includes some marine surfaces and a few unusual sites to explore. The outstanding array of life that unfolds here is protected within a Nature Reserve that can be visited in a spirit of respect and humility.

The Beating Heart

Saint Martin has another beating heart which can be felt in the warm and colorful villages. In quintessential Caribbean style, the architecture of the houses and streets stands out proudly against the bright blue sky. There’s no such thing as boredom on this island, where you can discover the local way of life via myriad activities. History enthusiasts can visit the sights, shopaholics will head for the duty-free shops on the seafront, watersports fans will find everything they need, and there’s plenty of local produce to discover.

The people of Saint Martin have struck a balance between tradition and modernity, and convey their love for their island to passing travelers.

Culture and Tradition

Throughout the year, a host of cultural and musical events set the tempo for life in the West Indies. Visual arts, music, and the carnival spirit are all part of Saint Martin’s cultural identity. A cultural identity that also includes great food. Swept by various waves of migration over the centuries, the island has retained and enhanced the very best of each influence. The enthusiasm for interaction and sharing is very much a part of Saint Martin and this is naturally reflected in the local gastronomy. When it comes to good eating, the island is a benchmark and home to some of the best chefs in the West Indies.