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There are two international airports on the island: on the Dutch side and on the French side. There are lots of regional and international flights to and from St. Martin, with the biggest airlines really putting the destination on the map, and making it easy to get there. Tourists come to the island all year round because the tropical climate means that there is a special charm about both the summer and winter seasons. St. Martin, the island with 37 beaches awaits, come and explore them all! The first to amaze you will most definitely be Maho Beach, that you’ll actually fly over before landing!

Airlines Flying to St. Martin

Almost 30 airlines fly to and from the island. The regional airlines are Air Caraïbes, Air Antilles, St-Barth Commuter, West Indies Helicopters, and Corail Helicopters for flights around the Caribbean. The international airlines that take care of the majority of medium and long-haul flights to and from St. Martin are Air France, American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, Jet Blue, KLM, Copa Airlines, and Winair.

Aéroport Grand Case

Grand Case Esperance Airport (French Side)

You can fly into Grand Case airport on the French side if you are coming from the neighboring islands such as Guadeloupe (Pointe-à-Pitre) or Martinique (Fort de France).

Aerogare Grand Case

This airport is for local flights from nearby destinations across the Caribbean. There are flights here to and from St. Barthelemy and Guadeloupe. You can also fly here from Paris if you have a connecting flight to St. Martin via Pointe-à-Pitre (Air Caraibes).

Princess Juliana International Airport (Dutch Side)

Princess Juliana International Airport is right at the end of Maho Beach, and is world renowned for the spectacular landings and take-offs there. Tourists come in large numbers for this impressive sight, attracted by the thrilling experience.

Juliana St Maarten airport
Maho beach jump

The runway is relatively short, forcing the planes to touch down at its very limit, which means they fly just a few feet above the beach. Watching the planes has become such a popular activity that the different airlines’ flight arrival and departure times are displayed in the nearby bars.

With almost 30 regular airlines, Princess Juliana airport welcomes companies and travelers from the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. It is one of largest hubs of the Caribbean.

Info Pratiques

Practical Information

You must have all the necessary documents (identity card, passport, visa, vaccination card) to be able to travel with peace of mind. You may be refused boarding, or entrance onto the territory if you do not have the correct documents. Be careful with expiry dates. For French citizens traveling around the regional area (from Grand Case airport to the French overseas territories, St. Barthelemy or from Paris to Grand Case airport and via Guadeloupe), an identity card is sufficient. In all other cases, you must travel with your passport because coming through Princess Juliana international airport is not considered as entering European territory.

Sint-Maarten is not European territory even if it is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it has a separate status. Depending on your nationality, you may also require a visa. Make sure you find out about all the relevant formalities before flying to St. Martin.

Whether you are looking for a last-minute flight to St. Martin or to plan ahead for a future vacation, check the airlines’ prices online.