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Embark on an exclusive catamaran getaway with Pyratz Gourmet Sailing.

Departure at 10:00 AM (FIRST DAY) - Return at 5:15 PM (LAST DAY)

DEPARTURE: Saint-Martin
DESTINATION: around Saint-Martin / Anguilla / Saint Barthélemy

Are you ready for a cruise in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean? Embark on an unforgettable adventure.
We now offer personalized multi-day charters aboard our catamarans, where our 2-person crew will take you to discover the most beautiful places around Saint-Martin, Anguilla, and Saint Barthélemy.
Overnight charters or longer with Pyratz Gourmet Sailing are an excellent way to relax in luxury while exploring some of our favorite spots in the region.

Specially designed for you - Your dream vacation
We understand that every traveler has unique preferences and dreams. That's why we offer a customized itinerary tailored to your specific wishes. Whether you prefer a tranquil cruise along captivating coastlines or adventurous land discoveries, your captain will work with you to craft a bespoke itinerary.
Not sure where to start? No worries, we'll be happy to share some of our favorite spots with you.

All-inclusive comfort on board
On our boats, comfort and convenience are guaranteed. With a dedicated captain and hostess at your service, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean. Our charter package includes:
- Captain and hostess: Our experienced and friendly crew will cater to all your needs throughout the journey.
- Fuel: No need to worry about extra costs; fuel is included in the package.
- Reef-safe sunscreen: Protect your skin (and the fragile marine ecosystem) with our environmentally-friendly sunscreen.
- Bluetooth audio system: Enjoy your favorite tunes with our high-quality audio system.
- Linens and towels: Fresh linens and towels are provided for your comfort.
- Toiletries set: We provide a set of body and hair care products so you don't have to travel with them.
- Dining: Full breakfast and one lunch or dinner per day.

Delicious meals and refreshing drinks
During your overnight charter, culinary delights await you. A full breakfast is served daily along with either lunch or dinner. You can choose to add extra meals on board or explore local restaurants ashore. Our charters also include a wide selection of beverages, including wine, craft cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, beers, sodas, and plenty of water.

A world of amenities
During your catamaran adventure, make the most of the following amenities on board:
- Paddle Boards and Kayak: Cruise along the coastline or explore hidden coves with our two paddle boards and kayak.
- Floating Mat: Relax on the water with our giant floating mat.
- Snorkeling Equipment: Dive into the wonderful underwater world with quality snorkeling gear provided to all guests.

  • 6 maximum number of guests
An exclusive getaway !
By Land & Sea
4 nights at Villa KOMBAWA & 3 nights at sea onboard PYRATZ
  • Cabin (1)
  • GALAXY_2
  • Lobster
  • Sunbed Flybridge
  • Stern & Water Toys (1)

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