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The Island of 37 Beaches

The sheltered bays and secret coves boast a succession of long sandy stretches. Come and listen to the gentle lapping of the crystal-clear waters and enjoy the deep shades of azure and turquoise! Be they wild and windswept, or idyllic spots with rows of coconut palms and sparkling sand, the 37 beaches of St. Martin have so much to offer.
Whether you’re here for peace and relaxation or an action-packed vacation, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Come and try the various activities available on the beaches of St. Martin, where you’re guaranteed to never get bored.


Anse des Pères / Friars' Bay

With its calm water and Caribbean hues, Friar’s Bay is a picture-perfect landscape just a…
friar's bay

Anse Marcel

Relaxation, water sports and good food await you on this chic and charming beach that…
anse marcel

Baie aux Prunes / Plum Bay

This pretty beach lives to the rhythm of the surf and can be found after…
terres basses

Baie de l'Embouchure

Coconut Grove, which comes after Galion Beach, is a long stretch of sand and a…
st. martin

Baie Longue

Guests at La Samanna love the peace and quiet of the long stretch of sandy beach…
terres basses

Baie Nettlé

Nettlé Bay, just 5 minutes from Marigot, is a wonderful and surprising place. The bay…
nettlé bay

Baie Orientale

St. Martin’s most famous hotspot is world-renowned for its chic and trendy restaurants that overlook…
orient bay

Baie Rouge / Red Bay

At only a few minutes from Marigot, it’s tempting to come and bask in the…
terres basses

Burgeaux Beach

This lovely cove between Simpson Bay and Maho Beach is dotted with stunning abodes that…
st. martin

Cay Bay / Indigo Bay

Check out the pretty cove with white sand between Philipsburg and Simpson Bay. It is…
st. martin

Caye Verte

You can cross the sound that separates Orient Bay from this protected island in St.…
st. martin


A legendary area to watch the sunset illuminates the ocher cliffs at the end of…
st. martin

Dawn Beach

Dawn Beach is a beautiful stretch of fine sand, a private beach where hotel guests…
st. martin


This beach colors Marigot’s seafront with its turquoise hues and offers a dazzling setting for…

Geneve Bay

A treasure shaped by nature is tucked away in this wild and unspoiled site. You…
st. martin

Grand Case

Lively, cozy, and utterly charming. Grand Case Beach, stretching along the gourmet boulevard, is a…
grand case

Grandes Cayes

Grandes Cayes is adorned with sea grape plants and becomes wilder as you approach the…
anse marcel

Great Bay

The town of Philipsburg, a shopping mecca in the Caribbean, is bordered by a long…

Guana Bay

Apart from a few surfers, this beach prone to sea swells is never very busy.…
st. martin

Happy Bay

With shady coconut palm trees, an azure lagoon, velvety sand, rocks, and shells, Happy Bay…
st. martin

Ilet Pinel / Pinel Island

St. Martin's Pinel Island is sandy gem that is perfect for unforgettable days in the…

Le Galion

With its shallow waters and many palm trees, Galion Beach is very popular with parents.…
st. martin

Little Bay

This picture-postcard beach is a small piece of paradise for resort guests looking to relax.…
st. martin

Maho Beach

It’s what you’ll see on postcards and in millions of videos! The most famous beach…
st. martin

Mullet Bay

It’s a popular long and wide strip of fine sand where you will always find…
mullet bay

Pelican Cay

The crystal clear water and the bright sand delight resort guests who have chosen this…
st. martin

Petite Baie

A small haven of peace which is ideal for those who are looking to escape…
terres basses

Petite Plage

Petite Plage means small beach in French, and, as you can guess, it’s pretty tiny!…
st. martin

Petites Cayes

Get your sneakers on and grab a bottle of water if you want to take…
st. martin

Plage des Amoureux

This miniature and hard-to-find beach requires some effort to get to, which makes it all…
st. martin

With more than 43 miles of coastline, Saint Martin is a heavenly island nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Two expanses of blue offering a huge diversity of scenery that you’ll enjoy taking the time to explore, to discover all of the island’s riches. Be they wild and windswept, or idyllic spots with rows of coconut palms and sparkling sand, the 37 beaches of Saint Martin have so much to offer.
The sheltered bays and secret coves are a succession of long sandy stretches. The rocky coasts and sandy shores unfurl as you’re drawn to the gentle lapping of the crystal-clear sea. As you come closer, you’ll feel the attraction of the open sea inviting you to gaze out serenely or feel the full impact of the power of the waves. The choice is yours. It’s up to you to select the decor for the movie of your vacation. Every beach is a different world with its own specific features. Whether you’re here for peace and relaxation or an action-packed vacation, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Leisure or exercise. Authenticity or luxury. On the beaches of Saint Martin, you can fulfill your passion for the sea, guided only by your own desires. Each day brings new discoveries. Prepare for the unexpected, escape, and live the dream. The marine world reveals the depth of its nature. On Saint Martin, the sea and air temperatures remain the same, between 80 and 86 degrees, all year round. Let your happiness is be guided by the subtlety of the elements. With your toes in the sand and eyes on the horizon, you’re suddenly overwhelmed by a powerful sense of freedom and a desire to take the plunge. A plunge headfirst into your dreams, driven by a zest for life to go in search of marine plants and animals. Come and observe the riches of the seabed and discover creatures you’ve never seen before. Try scuba diving to go even deeper into your magical discoveries! Embark on an athletic adventure and become one with the water and the air, discover boardsports such as surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and kitesurfing!
Welcome to this tropical Eden, somewhere between heaven on earth and heaven on the water!