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For a Truly Friendly Experience

All the ultimate friendly island experiences

There are some places and activities that are not-to-be-missed when you are on holiday on the Friendly Island. While you’re waiting for the real thing, the Tourist Office can give you a taste of what you can expect to experience on the island of St. Martin. Whether you choose a culinary, nautical, festive or wellness experience, you’re in for something incredible, and you’ll feel like you’re already there. Discover the unmissable experiences of St. Martin !

Drop the anchor

Recreational boating, yachting, yacht chartering

Go on an adventure out at sea or just cruise around the island’s coastline, there’s something for everyone in the turquoise waters of St. Martin

Island Soul

Art, traditions, local stores

Carnival, music, lavish colors, and aromatic spices, unforgettable memories await you on every street corner.

Let’s Move it

Sports activities

Whether you are more interested in nature or the seaside, come and choose from the fun and exciting outdoor activities available!

Life is a Beach

Beaches and Fun

Whether you’re a fan of peace and uiet or passionate about sports and action-packed vacations, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for on the 37 beaches with crystal-clear waters on St. Martin

Love in paradise

Romance, weddings

St. Martin is the perfect venue for the most beautiful wedding, where the magical beaches and sunsets guarantee unforgettable memories.

So tasty


The wealth and diversity of the island’s gastronomy open up a whole world of local and international flavors.

What a Place

Vacations, Hotels, Villas

There are some exceptional places to stay on St. Martin, for an extraordinary vacation