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Caye Verte

You can cross the sound that separates Orient Bay from this protected island in St. Martin’s Nature Reserve in a kayak or on a paddleboard. Relax on this small stretch of sand after you’ve explored the area’s nature underwater wealth.

A few hundred feet away from the action on Orient Bay Beach, the deserted islet of Green Cay is perfect for a solitary getaway. Plans for the day: relaxing in the peace and quiet of this lovely little beach. Green Cay, in the heart of the Nature Reserve, is also known for its outstanding coral reefs and multicolored fish, so get your snorkeling or diving gear out! It's perfect for everyone, from beginners to advanced divers. You might even see a turtle.

  • National or Voluntary Nature Reserve
  • Caye-verte
  • Caye-Verte (2)
  • Caye-Verte-kiter

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