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Anse Marcel

Relaxation, water sports and good food await you on this chic and charming beach that stretches out at the foot of the hills in front of the hotel. Anse Marcel is a charming little protected enclave with a peaceful and friendly village vibe and a lovely beach.

Anse Marcel in the north of the island is a beautiful beach nestled in a cove surrounded by lush green hills. The waterfront village of Anse Marcel spreads out around the Port de Lonvilliers, hotels; restaurants, residences, and magnificent villas nestled in the hills. This remote bay is protected from the wind, so why not take a dip in the calm and shallow lake-like waters? Anse Marcel Beach is an idyllic spot to laze about on a hotel beach chair and to grab lunch at one of the area’s sophisticated restaurants. There's also a water sports club if you want to go jet skiing, kayaking or paddling in the sea. You might even come across a small deserted beach nearby, nestled between the hills, which is mainly visited by a few happy cows. It’s a pocket of paradise for those who find it!

  • National or Voluntary Nature Reserve
  • Anse-Marcel-Beach

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