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Baie Nettlé

Nettlé Bay, just 5 minutes from Marigot, is a wonderful and surprising place. The bay unfurls on both the sea and lagoon sides of the peninsula, offering two distinct atmospheres. This is a favorite spot for hotels, restaurants, and boating and watersports centers, who have all chosen it. Head over for a day of thrills and emotions.

From the sea, Nettlé Bay looks like a long stretch of sand. Park somewhere along the road, walk for a few minutes, and you’ll reach areas that are great for a dip. Nettlé Bay offers incredible views of Marigot and the hills, with lush vegetation and Creole houses. This uncrowded and breezy beach is perfect for kitesurfing classes. As for the lagoon on the other side of the road, Nettlé Bay opens onto pretty sandy beaches with palm trees, with a hotel and residences around it. It’s the perfect place to enjoy cocktails with your feet in the sand while soaking up the Caribbean sun. The calm waters of the lagoon are ideal for water sports such as jet skiing and water skiing.

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