Built of Rock and Water

Trou David, or “Devil’s Hole”

Trou David, also known as Devil’s Hole, is a geological marvel carved of rock hewn by the sea, creating something resembling a natural pool. It’s an ancient crumbling rock opening where natural erosion has built two arches that gobble up the waves crashing through it. You’ll find it after a short walk between Red Bay and Pointe du Bluff, and more precisely by taking the path located at the Terres Basses and Red Bay crossing. You see it when turning left along the cliffside at the end of the path towards Petites Cayes Bay.

Wild Flora and Fauna

North of this natural curiosity that seems to have been built right into the sea, divers will find an impressive variety of tropical fish and coral. It’s also not uncommon to see turtles there. A mask and snorkel are recommended to take full advantage of the wealth of aquatic fauna. The hole itself isn’t very deep, and entering it is like submerging into a diving pit.

Admire the splendid vegetation all around Devil’s Hole. In this coastal area you’ll find turk’s head cactus, recognizable by their red tips, and thorny trees like seaside acacia, as well as bush plants like the thyme-scented ti baume. Iguanas are always rummaging about in the brush, the moor, and rock crevices, which are their natural habitat. Those that aren’t used to humans are timid and will scurry away very quickly at the slightest sound of footsteps.

A Site to Preserve

It’s enchanting to allow yourself to float along with the current and warm yourself in the sun in a setting like this. But the sea here is often stormy, so pay careful attention to the current. This wild, preserved site offers an exceptional panorama on the Caribbean, Pointe du Bluff and Marigot Bay, and Devil’s Hole is a natural miracle for which to be grateful. Sharing this space with nature and respectfully, humbly caring for the environment is the only way to explore secret spots like this.

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