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Ideas for your vacation on St. Martin in the heart of the Caribbean!

The Caribbean Sea on your doorstep

For contemplative travelers in search of pleasure for the senses, curious observers looking for adventure and romance, or sports enthusiasts constantly on the go, all shall head for the sea. Our island has beaches to match the personality of every traveler. Your stay on St. Martin will be a succession of joys in every form. You’ll enjoy lazing on the beach, trying new watersports to push your boundaries, or diving down into the ocean depths. Top professionals will ensure you fully appreciate the magic of St. Martin.

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In the heart of nature on St. Martin!

If you’re a Robinson Crusoe at heart, on a quest for intense emotions, at one with the elements amid the peace and quiet of nature, then you’ll enjoy a revitalizing experience surrounded by all the beauty that St. Martin so generously offers. Your stay on St. Martin will be full of surprises. You’ll become a modern Crusoe, in total harmony with the wilderness and secret sanctuaries of this heavenly little haven.

Fun, joy and happiness: St. Martin’s simple pleasures!

Your stay on St. Martin promises activities that will leave you awestruck and amazed at your own achievements!   On the island, in a sumptuously natural setting like none you’ve ever seen, your adventures and challenges will be full of joy, adrenaline, and contagious laughter.

A vacation by the ocean surrounded by the canopy of the tropical forest will reveal all the magic of St. Martin as you push your limits and have fun the Caribbean way.

Fun, joie et bonheur : les plaisirs simples de Saint-Martin !

Luxury tourism on St. Martin!

If you succumb to the appeal of a luxury vacation on St. Martin, you and your family will enjoy pleasures you’ve never even dreamed of. Renting a villa with services fit for a king, discovering limitless activities, being pampered like a star, or eating meals prepared by your own in-house chef are all wishes that can come true on St. Martin. Your wish is our command!

Renting a yacht in the Caribbean!

On St. Martin, you can rent a yacht to get a real taste of luxury and fully enjoy the here and now, listening to your heart’s desires and savoring that moment when you really let go. Simply book your stay onboard and enjoy a day exploring the neighboring islands, a week onboard with family or friends, or a big-game fishing trip. Aboard your elegant yacht, you’ll go wherever the fancy takes you, island-hopping in a dream state, sailing here and there across the ocean.

Bateau Tintamarre
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Shopping on St. Martin!

If you want to take a little of the St. Martin spirit home with you, then don’t leave the island without paying a visit to our artisans and local producers. Take the culinary delights and specialties created by people with a passion for their heavenly island back home and continue your St. Martin experience by offering them as generous gifts, or enjoying them without restraint.

Romantic trips to St. Martin

Make St. Martin the romantic backdrop to those close loving moments with your partner that will deepen your bond. Your intimate experience will unfold in the most beautiful hotels and the best restaurants of St. Martin. The diversity of magical places will ensure you and your partner never forget the experience. The natural landscape with its colors and smells will create an intimacy that makes you feel like the world is yours alone.

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Organize a gourmet trip to St. Martin!

Dreaming of a unique vacation saga? A vacation on our island guarantees a taste of the sweet life in an idyllic setting. St. Martin is also the food capital of the Caribbean. St. Martin has a wide range of gourmet options available, from French excellence with an otherworldly, Caribbean twist, to culinary innovations based on the seasons and local produce, and French fine dining with a chic bistro feel.

St. Martin, the LGBTQI destination!

You’ll find that our heavenly two-country island is a place of tolerance and human rights. The LGBTQI community will be warmly welcomed. Our mild, tropical climate means you can enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle and, above all, friendship! St. Martin’s diversity goes back many years and is the main driving force that has made it one of the most vibrant, friendly, and influential islands of the West Indies. You’ll spend days of happiness under the Caribbean sun without worrying about the future.

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Bring your group to St. Martin

Your group can look forward to a variety of rewarding experiences, including sharing a luxury villa, enjoying athletic challenges in the tropical forest, drifting on the Caribbean waters, and getting together for a hearty meal. These basic ingredients come naturally on St. Martin and will give your adventure a taste of community spirit that you’ll enjoy to the fullest! A group trip to St. Martin is a human adventure full of feeling and discoveries that will bring you all the joys of human togetherness.