In Sync with Carnival Time

In Sync with Carnival Time

Just say the word carnival and eyes light up at the thought of dancing wildly to unbridled music. Every year, the island of St. Martin buzzes to the beat of its two carnival events: the first one takes place on the French side in February, and the second in April, on the Dutch side. The festivities last for weeks, all along the waterfront and down the island’s main streets.

These carnivals showcase the wealth and diversity the island of St. Martin has to offer. Everyone is eager for locals to take over the streets and flood public spaces with Caribbean sounds and sparkling costumes. And all this in a fun environment, respectful to all. Feathers sway and sequins shimmer from Marigot to Philipsburg, intermingling with a cascade of streamers and confetti.

Culture and Identity

Carnivals create meeting places for cultures and identities, places where freedom of expression and emotion are encouraged through uninhibited parties and good times. This is where the magic happens—through multigenerational events that unite all walks of life, regardless of heritage or culture. When the party spirit takes over the island, everyone comes together, bonded by happiness and the chance to fulfil their desires.

The Heart of St. Martin

Just the thought of the parades and costume events makes the heart of St. Martin beat a little faster than usual. Locals anticipate the start of festivities all year long, and spend months preparing to ensure the success of these events. Hidden talents are revealed as people follow their instincts to create costumes and floats. Artists practice songs, music, and choreographies in order to be well-prepared for the big day, and island life becomes more vivid. Imaginations soar. 

This one-of-a-kind spectacle attracts travelers from all over the world who wish to be submersed in pure Caribbean culture. And after carnival, every visitor brings a little bit of St. Martin’s soul back home to keep as a precious souvenir.

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